5 Reasons to Travel the World

June 9, 2015
Azzura Ricci
4 min read
5 Reasons To Travel

We at WeTravel can’t convey enough how much we love to travel. After all, the word itself is in our name! And how can you not love to travel? From learning a new language to meeting new people, traveling can offer you so many different things. No matter where you go or what you do, it’s guaranteed to be an adventure.

Although it’s pretty hard to consolidate all the reasons why we at WeTravel love to travel, here is a list of our top 5 reasons.

1. Sights and Sites

You’re probably thinking, “Don’t these count as two reasons?” Well for all intents and purposes, we at Wetravel are just going to lump them together into one. After all, they sound the same and they both offer people a reason to travel! Wherever you travel, there are sure to be landmarks and views that you can only find there. Take Rome and the Colosseum, China and the Great Wall, or even a sunset in Hawaii. Each location offers monuments and sights that can only be found in these areas, which gives you a unique experience and allows you to learn more about the local history and culture that is tied to them. We believe that both sites and sights encourage people to realize how much there is to explore in the world and the beauty of different cultures.

2. Languages

Speaking of cultures, languages are a huge part of them! Languages allow us to communicate and connect with other people. Some people may come from similar backgrounds. And others may not be of the same culture, but they’re interested in learning about a different society or language. Whatever the case may be, languages provide a great reason to travel the world, especially if you’re trying to learn them. Traveling allows you to flex those language skills and practice what you learned during your second year of high school, even though that seems like lightyears ago. You get to practice with locals, who may not understand you, but appreciate your efforts to learn a completely different language than your own. Aside from learning, you also get to hear different dialects, accents, and sounds that may be wholly different from your own, which gives you the opportunity to discover the diverse forms of communication around the world.

3. Tastes

We hate to point out the obvious, but everyone loves food. How can you not? After all, it’s something you need to survive! Along with it being a necessity of life, food can provide a great learning and bonding experience. The different meals allow you to understand the dietary needs and available resources of the people. They can also help you learn more about a culture’s history, especially if the food has specific religious or cultural importance. Along with this, you can also bond with locals, as you share meals with them and gain an appreciation for their regional dishes. We at WeTravel believe that there’s no better way to learn more about a different culture than through its food and that traveling offers you the chance to explore the world through your tastebuds.

4. Friends

Like we’ve mentioned above, bonding experiences abound when you travel. After all, traveling is a great way to meet new people and to forge stronger relationships with people whom you already know. By traveling, you’ll meet new people, who share your love of traveling, and you’ll encounter the diverse opinions and views of the world, which will broaden your own perspective. Traveling not only allows you to interact with individuals who may or may not have the same background as you, but it also allows you to create new experiences and memories with others. When you travel with others, you learn more about how they react to certain situations and any quirks that they might have. And even though your trip will end, that doesn’t mean that your connections or friendships with others will. During your travels, you will have made friendships that span the globe and last a lifetime.

5. Experiences

This one is more of a culmination of the other four, but we at WeTravel still think it should be included. Traveling is an experience all its own. It’s hard to put into words how life-changing it is, but travel really can be a transformative experience. Don’t get us wrong. We know how scary and stressful travel can be. You’re forced out of your comfort zone and into new situations. And yet, despite this, you’re rewarded with unique adventures and unlikely encounters. You’ll have the opportunity to create memories and connections that will last forever. And like we’ve mentioned above, traveling is an opportunity to experience a lifestyle or culture that is different from your own and to understand the vastness of the world.

These are a few of our favorite reasons to travel, but we’re sure that there are many others. We at Wetravel strongly believe in how life-changing travel can be. It’s a chance to see the diversity and beauty in the world along with your potential in it. So, we encourage you to seek it out! See everything that there is to see, taste everything that all the locals eat, and try everything! Travel the world and take a look at all the possibilities.