5 Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Travel Business

June 23, 2017
Sonja Bolger
4 min read

Whether you’re a tour company or you regularly run yoga retreats as part of your yoga business, you need to be on top of the game when it comes to attracting customers. Are you doing everything you can to find new leads? This posts looks at the 5 ways to attract more customers to your travel business.

People love traveling, and they want to find more ways to do it. It’s not about being the biggest tour or travel company out there, it’s about the ability to be found by the right customers and build trust as a brand.

Taking time to work on your marketing and make it as effective as possible in attracting new clients to your business should be a priority. So where do you start in finding new customers for your travel business?


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Know your audience

It’s difficult to market your business effectively if you don’t know who you’re marketing TO. Have you thought about your ideal clients and what their interests are? You need to dig into what motivates them to travel, and better yet, what motivates them to take a tour.

Often people buy based on emotion, so think about how you want them to feel when they’re on tour, and make sure it comes across in your descriptions too.

Establishing yourself as an expert in a particular area can help you to find more customers. Although the playing field may be smaller, if you can claim expert status then you’ll be more trustworthy and secure more bookings as a result.

Attract More Customers to Your Travel Business

Get on Social Media

Embrace it. Having a digital footprint is essential to building a prosperous business today. Social Media is key to advertising, as a space where you display what you offer as well as discounts and promotions.

But more importantly, being active on Social Media as a tour business needs to be about giving back to your customers too. Use it as a space to provide tips and generate interest in your tour locations.

Create a community around your business. Encourage customers to post positive reviews and share their photos and experience. Social Media is a space where people can be involved and give crucial feedback that will help you to develop better business practices.

Attract More Customers to Your Travel Business

Optimize your website

Your website is like your storefront. It’s where customers will form their first impressions about your travel company, so this is one area where you don’t want to cut corners. Consider the look and feel of the website. Is the content clear and professional, and sending the right message about what you can do for the visitor?

Don’t underestimate functionality, especially when it comes to having a website that’s accessible and easy to use via mobile. Test the user experience and make sure you have a clear direction towards bookings or inquiries.

Think about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how searchable your business is. If you have the capacity, starting a blog can be a great way to increase your ability to be found. SEO is one of the 5 ways to attract more customers to your travel business.

Develop trust

People and travelers, in particular, are seeking a more personalized authentic experience. You need to project your company as a trustworthy ally in reaching their goals. One of the best ways to establish trust is to share your story. People connect with stories and emotion, so be vulnerable and share why you started out in the travel business or the stories of your customers.

Be helpful, and provide recommendations or directions when you’re asked for them. It’s not a huge effort on your part but goes a long way towards customer satisfaction and trust.

Attract More Customers to Your Travel Business

Find the right marketplace and online booking system

Choosing where to market your tour company is essential in attracting more customers. Find a platform that you trust, and that your customers can have faith in when it comes to entering their personal details for bookings. It’s no use having amazing tours if the administrative side of your business isn’t working to its full potential.

WeTravel Business is a payment system that incorporates seamlessly into any travel business, allowing customers to see the company branding that they trust as they pay. WeTravel is another one of the 5 ways to attract more customers to your travel business.

Attract More Customers to Your Travel Business

These are just a few of the simple things you can do to attract more customers to your tour business. Attracting more customers in the travel industry is all about connecting yourself to the right people, so get started!