5 Ways You Can Use WeTravel to Grow Your Travel Business

November 28, 2017
Sonja Bolger
4 min read

What exactly is WeTravel, and how can it help you to grow your travel business?

WeTravel has been a trusted brand for many travel organizers for the past few years, but we’re still growing. If you’ve come across WeTravel but you’re wondering exactly how it’s been built to help your travel business, then we have the answers!

What is WeTravel?

WeTravel is a payment platform created especially for travel organizers. Having a payment platform for your travel business is crucial in today’s market, as it allows your customers to view your available trip itineraries and then book immediately, which speeds up the buying process and creates a better experience for your customers overall. This automatic payment collection within the WeTravel payment platform allows you to better organize your upcoming trips.

So WeTravel can improve your trip payment system, but how does that translate to helping you grow your travel business?

Grow Travel Business

Create appealing and easy to share trip pages

WeTravel has two different options for travel businesses who use our payment platform. The first is to create a trip page on WeTravel that can then be embedded we a widget in your own website, or linked through a “Book Now” button. The pages are laid out in an easy to understand format for our customers, and can contain a wealth of travel information. It’s easy to share the WeTravel trip page on social media to gain more exposure for your trip. Your trip will also be listed on the WeTravel marketplace, allowing more travelers to discover it.

Secondly, WeTravel offers a white label solution called “WeTravel Business” for those who want to incorporate the payment platform more fully into their own business. A trip page will be created that carries your trusted business branding, and all correspondence will also carry your logo. While your trip won’t appear in the WeTravel marketplace it will be more closely aligned with your brand so that customers won’t see any other WeTravel offerings, and the payment system will be seamlessly integrated into your own existing website branding.

Grow Travel Business

Streamline payments

WeTravel can also help to grow your travel business through its ability to collect payments easily and manage many aspects of the payment process. Customers will be led through an easy to navigate the system. You can create different packages and automatic payment plans, as well as offer discount codes based on yours and the customers’ needs.

Once you have collected payments from your trip attendees you can make free payments to any US bank account, or international payments at low exchange rates, which means you can easily pay other suppliers. Being able to manage all of these payment aspects will allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your business, instead of being stalled by payment issues. It allows your company to have a more professional payment system and offer different options to your customers.

Grow Travel Business

Communicate efficiently

Customer service is always a major aspect of any business, and when you’re helping people to realize their travel dreams it’s imperative to communicate effectively and efficiently with customers. There are so many aspects to consider, like all the information they need to know about the trip, payment options and plans, how to prepare to travel, booking any extras like flights, specific timings of the trip and what to expect, just to name a few!

The WeTravel payment platform allows you to have automatic emails sent out to participants. We can take care of payment reminders for you, at the very least, but there’s also the option to send out informative emails as the trip draws nearer. Employing great customer service means satisfying your customers, hopefully having them turn into repeat customers or spread the word about your business.

Grow Travel Business

Manage bookings effectively

As well as accepting payments the WeTravel payment platform actually allows you to manage bookings more effectively. The payment system will easily collect travelers information for you that can then be downloaded in an excel file for you to use in planning and managing the trip.

Grow Travel Business

Save on costs

Want to be able to grow your travel business? Then saving on costs is definitely going to help you. Time is money, and using a payment platform that takes care of so many tasks for you and saves on administration costs which means more time and money!

WeTravel also has some of the lowest fees in the business, with no monthly, refund, or setup fees. transaction fees form US bank accounts amount to just 1%. Why pay more for a payment platform when you don’t have to?

Grow Travel Business

If you want to grow your travel business then WeTravel can help you do so, by having payments available for customers 24/7, collecting details and making the payment and booking process easy to manage, through allowing automatic but effective pre-planned communication, and saving on costs. Check out more about how WeTravel works here, and more about WeTravel pricing here. We hope to welcome your travel business into the WeTravel payment system soon!