Why We’re Excited About WeTravel Business!

September 1, 2017
Sonja Bolger
3 min read

Are you a travel business offering group tours? Do you struggle with sorting out payments and endless spreadsheets? Not to mention lose more money than you like to think about through fees?

We’re aware this sounds like an infomercial, but honestly, we’re just excited to tell you about WeTravel Business! We know that our newest service is awesome, and if you offer group tours then read on, because we have something that you might not have even realized you need…

So what exactly is WeTravel Business?

WeTravel Business is a booking engine that’s made for travel organizers. It’s a space where you can accept payments, manage bookings, collect information from participants and communicate with your group. It allows you to easily sell and manage group trips.

If you don’t already have it, then you seriously need to consider offering online payments for your group trip. Having the ability to accept online payments is the norm now, and if your potential customers can’t book your tours when they’re ready to then it’s likely that you’re missing out on some customers. They might take more time to think about it and never come back to your website, or possibly investigate your competitors and book with one of them instead.

WeTravel has always been a booking platform, allowing anyone to create a trip for free and share it privately with friends and family, or advertise it on our marketplace. From student trips to yoga retreats, WeTravel has helped thousands of people run and enjoy successful group trips.

WeTravel Business - Payment Platform for Travel Organizers

So what’s different about WeTravel Business?

Instead of creating a trip that can be listed in the WeTravel marketplace, WeTravel Business allows you to create a beautiful payment page with your brand at the front and center. Customers trust your brand, and when they go to book a trip they don’t want to be taken to another website they may not know of. WeTravel Business allows you to brand the entire booking process. No other links to other WeTravel trips will be seen by the customer, and any automatic emails that set up in relation to the trip will contain your brand’s logo.

Travel organizers using WeTravel Business will have their entire booking process custom branded. They won’t see their trip in the marketplace, as instead, they can continue using their own website and normal marketing practices, but use WeTravel to take care of the payments and booking management. The trip payment page can be easily linked to in other online marketing.

WeTravel Business - Payment Platform for Travel Organizers

How do the WeTravel Business payments work?

WeTravel has an industry leading processing fee, with transaction fees as low as 1%! Your customers can pay through our secure payment system using a US checking account, or with a credit card. In the case of a credit card, the fees will be placed on the customer. WeTravel Business also allows you to directly pay your suppliers overseas, using competitive exchange rates.

WeTravel Business is a payment and booking solution for travel companies, tour operators, and retreat centers especially. Building your own in-house payment and booking platform is expensive and time-consuming, and for many smaller tour operators and travel businesses, it’s an unnecessarily expensive and stressful endeavor when you have other options like WeTravel Business. Using our payment system will save you time and your sanity, and allow you to comprehensively manage payments and refunds, set custom prices and request payments for any outstanding balances… and much more!

WeTravel Business - Payment Platform for Travel Organizers

Here at WeTravel, we’re really excited to be bringing this new option for travel businesses to the table. We really think it will help you improve your travel business, and take it to the next level. You can schedule a demo or get in touch to discuss how WeTravel can make managing your group trips easier than ever!

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