Animal Protection in Tourism – Roundtable Discussion with Animondial

May 27, 2021
Wetravel Story Writer
2 min read

Watch the replay of the webinar below.

In this discussion, we’ll talk about why animal protection is increasingly a priority for travel, how to identify and manage high risk practices, and hear from our expert panel about how tourism’s resurgence can be a force for good.

The roundtable covers:

  • Guidance on which animal experiences to sell and not to sell
  • How to define and apply your animal protection commitment
  • A step-by-step guide to help your business better protect animals in your operations

Guest Speakers

Daniel is widely regarded as one of the leading figures for animal welfare in the tourism industry. He is vastly experienced in the issues and how to engage business to solve them.” – Justin Francis, CEO, Responsible Travel

John has worn multiple hats in the travel industry, with experience in Customer Service, Product Operations and even tour guiding, before building out Collette’s corporate social responsibility program.

Helen brought her indomitable drive, passion and rigorous approach to everything we threw her way, and with that support, we secured the largest corporate partnerships to date.” – Richard Amos, Head of Corporate, MIND