Back to Travel: BSchool Travel

September 8, 2022
Molly Harris
3 min read
As students head back to school this fall, WeTravel is reflecting on its roots: student travel. When the booking and payments company was first formed, it was intended to make managing travel for students easier.
That’s why we are celebrating this fall with “Back to School, Back to Travel.” Over the month of September, look for our tips and advice for enhancing your student-based travel offers. Get involved by using:  #BackToTravel 

Back to Travel with Bschool Travel

When Dale Jarosz and Dhruv Dhawan entered the Michigan Ross MBA program, the BSchool Travel co-founders had never met. But after encountering one another during the interview process, they knew they could be great business partners. That’s why, while completing their MBAs, they decided to launch and grow BSchool Travel through their school’s business challenge — and actually became finalists in 2019. 

With undergraduate degrees and experience ranging from mechanical engineering to public accounting and marketing and their time around family businesses, Dale and Dhruv were well suited to entrepreneurship. But their time completing their own MBA program allowed them to create and tailor the trips their company, BSchool Travel, now offers specifically to current MBA students.

After garnering their own experiences and discovering what they wanted to provide for other MBA students, the co-founders were able to launch a company that works directly with students, clubs, organizations, and administrators to provide itineraries and opportunities for all types of interests inside and outside of business school. By combining activities that better prepare MBA students for the workplace and handling the administrative tasks many schools cannot uphold for in-depth experiential learning, BSchool is an apt option for MBA programs and students. 

From peak season, once-in-a-lifetime travels to career-oriented jaunts within the tech, luxury or marketing industries among others, students can make the most of their time away from the classroom with BSchool. But regardless of the experience, the MBA student travel company remains true to its core values including access for all, a student-first mentality, nurtured partner relationships, a culture of diversity and strong network communities.

It is these five values — and the recognition of experiential learning through travel as a vital part of acquiring life skills and lessons — that set BSchool apart from other travel experiences. To make that happen, students can count on competitive prices and scholarship opportunities.

Apart from the first and central value, access, BSchool treks continue to emulate the company’s core values. Through relationships built and fostered over years of providing top experiences and networking opportunities for MBA students, BSchool’s worldwide partners offer unparalleled possibilities. With cultural experiences, exclusive access, and the ability to meet with top performers across industries in over 100 countries, students preparing to take their first steps outside of their business programs could hardly find a better way to gain real-world experience.

From BSchool’s exemplary method, education-based travel organizers can see the importance of providing a value-driven service to students who want guidance from their educational years into their desired real-world experience. No matter the student niche, consider what skills and life experiences participants should learn from their travels — and give back through their careers.