Become a Powerhouse in Maui

September 25, 2015
Christina Nguyen
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Read about one of Wetravel’s very own latest exciting trips to the beautiful island of Maui. 

An Empowering Maui Escape

welcome to paradise

The traffic, the noise, the drone of everyday–it’s enough to wear a person down. We fantasize about that one far-off day when we’ll finally take that tropical trip, but it never happens. It’s time to make that dream a reality. After all we put our bodies through each day, here is a chance to reward the hard work and rejuvenate the body from the inside out.

Imagine your dream retreat: somewhere warm and tropical with clear babbling water bordered by lush flora. There is no better scenery to surround yourself in when not only escaping reality but also shedding the old self into a new mind and body.


sunny ocean
Imagine taking this view in while rejuvenating your body!

A Dream Come True

Natalie Weinstein, otherwise known as Mikka Minx, is hosting a 6 day retreat with 5 other incredible women who will enrich your life through yoga, pole dancing, and sexual empowerment. Each of these women have worked hard on themselves and their knowledge to manifest their dreams. These talented artists want to share their revitalizing secrets with the world and make everyone happier and sexier than they’ve ever been. All this while staying in one of the most beautiful places on Earth and being provided with fresh, organic, nutrient food.

guns and hotties

This is my dream retreat. As an experiential event producer, I am passionate about creating life-changing experiences where people have space and inspiration to grow in ways they dream about but never knew possible. This retreat is a beautiful opportunity to do just that. I believe that it is the small moments in our lives that can change everything and bring purpose, inspiration and passion into our existence. -Mikka Minx

Minx productions is known for organizing lavish, creative, and memorable experiences. They have been producing events and retreats in the bay area and around the world for over 8 years with the best one to date. Ms. Mikka Minx and the power goddesses have combined forces to provide you the tools to turn this journey into a transformation. Their latest project they’ve been planning for 2 years called, “Stripped to the Fullest” takes place in the Hawaiian island Maui at the Hale Akua Garden Farm. This group travel trip hosted on Wetravel will provide an inspiring environment for self-improvement and creative expression.  

Skillful instructors.
Skillful instructors.

The Retreat in a Nutshell

“We have a powerhouse staff of 5 teachers, massage therapist, chef and videographer. Each of us has a unique role in the collaboration of bringing this 6 day journey to life. We have yoga, acroyoga and sound healing that will connect us to our spirit. All food is grown on the organic farm at the retreat center and Kyra, our incredible local chef, will nourish us with food that feeds our soul. Our massage therapist specializes in structural integration to bring us into our bodies in the most functional, connected way possible. Lila and Mikka will take everyone on a mind-blowing  journey through movement expression, dance, sexual empowerment and creative group activities. Last but not least, our videographer will capture the entire journey into an awesome short film.” -Mikka

kyra yoga

No Matter Your Skill-level

Stripped to the Fullest is a co-ed retreat for people of all skill-levels. Most students are beginner/intermediate but there are options for advanced as well. Guests will fill out a questionnaire about their goals and intentions so the instructors can best help everyone reach their intentions and support them/push them appropriately. There are 3 classes a day offered but everyone can participate in as many or as little as they like. You will get to enjoy the tropical island with the added bonus of these fun activities.

Strength in Pole Dancing

Don’t worry about feeling shy. This is a very welcoming, friendly group, and it will be a great way to meet new people. Everyone coming so far is coming solo and don’t know many others but are excited to connect. They have accommodation options ranging from shared housing to private luxurious cottages of your own. If you would like to see pictures of these accommodations or more information on the retreat, Mikka Minx provides them on her website.

triangle house


hot tub hale akua

These women look absolutely gorgeous, sexy, and powerful. Don’t these images just make a person want to know how they do it? Their photos are just an illustration of how you will learn to fly like they do. Yoga, pole dancing, and sex can be skillful artworks; they are ways we use our bodies to achieve happiness, peace and power.

Pole Dance sunset

sun rise yoga

It’s everything in one package!

It’s such a unique and exciting trip that will do the body well down to the core.

  • The health benefits of yoga combine fitness and mental health for overall wellness which is then amplified by the opportunity to do yoga in a scenic place.
  • Pole dancing is a way to feel sexy and express passion while muscle toning. Strengthen without feeling like doing the work.
  • Sexual empowerment workshops will teach you how to get more out of your sex life and command the ecstasy you deserve.
  • Eat whole and raw foods to give your body what it really craves to help it flourish.
  • Go on excursions to beaches, see the waterfall, snorkeling with Sea Turtles, and sunrise hike.


It’s changed their lives for the better

“Many small moments in my life have changed my life completely and inspired me to create incredible experiences that can do the same for others. I saw the potential of this kind of production and I became an experiential event producer and now I [Mikka Minx of Minx Productions] am producing these incredible retreat experiences for others all over the world. ” -Natalie Weinstein

Sign up to visit paradise now.
Sign up to visit paradise now.

If you ever needed an excuse to go to Hawaii, right now is the perfect reason. You will get to be more than the average tourist, and instead, gain so much more from the fruitful land. The last chance to sign up is coming up quick on November 1st. The actual trip is from November 27-December 2. Maui is already obviously a top destination due to its beautiful landscape. These stunning women are offering the chance to learn how to let that inner beauty in you shine through as well.

turtle (1)

Images provided by Natalie Weinstein