6 Ways Using A Booking and Payment Platform Will Grow Your Religious Tours Business

February 17, 2020
Zaky Prabowo
5 min read

Using technology in your religious tours business is fundamental to its ability to grow. Tech increases the efficiency of core company processes and improves the client journey, helping you to focus on scaling instead of tasks that can be automated.

A payment platform solution, such as WeTravel, takes the heavy lifting out of attracting, registering, transacting, and communicating with your clients. Below we will touch on 6 of the ways it can streamline business functions and free up your time to create a more memorable travel experience for clients.

How To Grow Your Religious Tours Business Using A Payment Platform

1. Attract Clients With A Beautiful Booking Page

A glossy brochure would have been the sales material to catch the eye of potential clients a couple of years ago. Today it is a beautiful online booking page.

If your website is up to the task, you can create a booking page directly on it. Keep in mind that you need to offer online booking functionality too so that the booking flow is not interrupted if people are ready to carry through with the transaction.

Booking Flow

The problem with this is that it’s quite an intensive (and expensive) process to build the functionality inhouse. Cue integration with a payment platform to support your business and travelers wishing to book.

A modern booking and payment platform will give you the ability to create a booking page that turns heads. With an eye-catching layout and plenty of opportunities to showcase images and video related to your faith tours, you can draw travelers into an experience even before they go on the trip.

You won’t even need an advanced website to do this, as you can create a page and generate a URL to send to clients for their information and potential payment. They receive a link with all of your branding, photos, and information to help convince them to make the ever-important decision to book.

With a beautifully optimized page designed to entice or attract travelers, you can secure more reservations for your religious tour business.

2. Streamline Registration Process

Tour sign up welcome

Tour registration can be a relatively frictional process for both you and your clients if it’s not done on a platform that supports integration.

Anyone booking is required to submit their details, documents, and payments, which can look like filling out a form, emailing documents, and then logging into a bank account to pay a deposit.

At the same time, you need to collate the information into one central place of access, picking up emails, downloading documents, and running through bank statements to add notes on what’s been actioned.

Using a payment platform for travel companies simplifies this process greatly. A single Book Now button from the booking page takes the client through registering their details, submitting documents, and paying a deposit.

As the tour organizer, your dashboard will collate this information according to the trip and traveler. From here, you will have access to participant information, financials, and communication.

With a seamless registration process, clients are more likely to follow through with a sign up than put off by the perceived difficulty of it. Furthermore, you can manage the information easier on your end with a user-friendly dashboard.

3. Provide A Better Client Experience Online

Streamline customer experience

We have mentioned streamlining the registration process to provide a better client experience. Being able to book and pay right away without any friction is convenient for everyone and can increase sign-ups.

The option to easily process refunds and add discount codes for early bird offers or loyal customers also makes for great customer satisfaction. It is exactly the type of functionality travelers expect when booking group travel.

4. Transact Securely With Low Fees

There’s also trust to consider. No one is going to hand over their credit card information or pay online to a system that appears rudimentary and untrustworthy.

Using the right payment platform, you can offer your clients the payment method of their preference, whether it’s via card or transfer, along with the security that they need. The functionality can be integrated directly onto your website or provided in the booking link with your company branding, giving your tour business a professional edge.

Secure online transactions

Through the platform, you will also get access to some of the lowest processing fees in the travel industry. This can have a positive effect on your business’s bottom line, as in some cases the fee structure, set up, and ongoing transactional costs can take out a substantial chunk of your incoming revenue.

Secure payment links and integrated approaches are convenient and provide the security and simplicity that your clients look for. The right platform puts these systems into place for you, giving you and your customers better peace of mind.

5. Send Instant Payments To Vendors

Your vendors play an important part in your tour experience. Paying them on time adds a layer of convenience and trust to the process, helping you to build strong relationships with your network of preferred suppliers.

A platform built for travel companies will support your business in its quest to establish a strong travel partner network by giving you the ability to send through payments instantly. It will take it a step further and process the funds in your supplier’s currency of choice at favorable exchange rates.

Having a network of partners eager to transact with you gives you the options you need to offer your clients a once in a lifetime travel experience.

Travel partner network

6. Save Time On Administrative Tasks

In business, time is money. If you are processing administrative tasks manually, this could be taking up a lot of time.

Using an established platform, processes such as sending out payment reminders or trip updates, collating financials, and collecting traveler information can be automated to improve operational efficiency.

With these tasks taken care of, you can focus your efforts on growing your religious tour business. Instead of spending valuable time on repetitive processing tasks, you can work on marketing and creating a memorable travel experience for your clients.

Grow Your Religious Tour Business With WeTravel

WeTravel’s payment platform is built for travel companies and group travel organizers. If you want to know more about how it can support your religious tour operator business, watch the clip below or read our customer success stories to see how our clients are benefitting from using it.