Cash Payments & A Better Way to Add Travelers

July 10, 2018
Azzura Ricci
2 min read

We’ve launched a whole bouquet of new features today aimed at making the life of travel organizers easier. Here are the highlights:

Register Cash or Check Payments

If you regularly receive cash or paper checks along your online payments, these can now be handled in WeTravel, too. Simply add any cash or check payment to your participant’s booking and our system will make sure the client’s remaining balance is correct and a professional receipt email will be sent. See how.

Manually Add Travelers

Are you on the phone with a client that is ready to commit and wants to give you their credit card? Just go to the trip that the traveler wants to join and click on “Add Traveler”. You will get the full flexibility of WeTravel’s system, including automated receipt emails, all while giving your clients the service they need. Learn more.

Record Manual or Phone Payments

Some or your clients prefer to just give you their payment information on the phone, but they already are joining a trip? Click on “Add Payment” in your trip management dashboard and manually add a payment for this traveler in just a few clicks. Our system will make sure the remaining balance is in order and a branded receipt email is sent to your clients. See details.


Let us know if you have any questions about this. Our support team is here to help at