How to Choose the Best Payment Platform for Travel Planners

February 9, 2018
Maria Claudia Lira Alban
3 min read

Travel is more popular than ever, and group travel especially is on the rise in 2018. More and more people are seeking out authentic and exciting travel experiences, but they’re not just doing it on their own! Trip planning can one the hardest aspects of traveling for some, however, for professional travel planners, it’s all part of the fun! Many people make it their job to plan great trips, and they plenty of tricks of the trade to do so.

But even travel planners need tools to help them stay organised and win more customers. From planning and managing the trip itself, to brand awareness and going digital, there’s plenty to keep you on your toes!

Being on top of travel trends and meeting customer needs is crucial for travel planners. Part of staying on top means finding a way to effectively manage customer payments for the trips you’ve planned for them. Being able to easily manage, adjust, and display their travel itineraries and receive payments online is imperative.

But how do you do it when you’re an independent travel planner and have a limited business budget or systems? Through a payment platform!

ment Platform for Travel Planners

What is a payment platform?

A payment gateway allows direct payments and credit cards to be accepted 24/7. It’s like a cash register in a normal store, allowing the transaction than the payer and the seller.

Why do travel planners need a payment platform?

If you professionally prepare itineraries or quotes for travelers, then you need a way to be paid for your services! You spend hours creating communicating with your client and arranging the perfect itinerary for them, but when it comes to being paid for what you do, you might find that you or your customers are often caught out with extra fees, or platforms that simply don’t address your needs.

ment Platform for Travel Planners

Why is WeTravel the best platform for travel planners?

Choosing a payment platform involves many factors. Setting up your own can be a long and complicated process that you just don’t have the time or capacity for. WeTravel is a dedicated platform for travel organizers. You can use WeTravel to lay out individual itineraries, and send over the page for the customer to review and make their payment.

As an established payment platform, WeTravel has all sorts of features at your disposal. You can set up payment plans, manage customer details, and send automated emails. If you book any part of your customers travel plans, you can use WeTravel to pay suppliers. The fee for using the WeTravel payment platform is a low 1% of the transaction fee.

There may be other tools out there that help travel planners assemble itineraries and plans for their customers, but WeTravel allows you to do that AND accepts payment for your service all in one place.

ment Platform for Travel Planners

Check out how it works and get started today!