How To Create an Amazing Instagram Profile For Your Yoga Business – With Katrina Julia

January 14, 2020
Azzura Ricci
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By now, you know that, with the right strategy, Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for your yoga business. It’s the ideal platform for posting beautiful and inspiring content, and a place where you can share your message with your tribe, expand your business reach, and promote your classes or retreats among other experiences.

To get some tips on how to create an amazing yoga Instagram profile for your business, we chatted with Katrina Julia of FIT Life Creation. Katrina is a digital marketing guru who has seen great success in the health, wellness, and travel sectors with her social media, including Instagram and Facebook. Here’s what she had to share with us on the topic.


How To Create An Amazing Yoga Instagram Profile For Your Business by Katrina Julia

As a multi-passionate lifestyle entrepreneur, retreat leader, creator and CEO of an all in one lifestyle brand, I know first-hand how important social media and Instagram is for our yoga, retreat, and lifestyle businesses success.

About five years ago, I started using Facebook to share my story with wellness, lifestyle, and travel. Within less than a year, my business experienced 25X results. 

Immediately, I thought to myself, “If I did this alone, imagine if I expand to Instagram and other social media platforms, partnering with yoga Instagram influencers, wellness entrepreneurs, and travel bloggers?”

GA with Fitness Fuses Katrina Julia

Photo Credit: Rose Riot Atlanta, GA with Fitness Fuses with a Fashion event

I started creating my own Instagram profile, as well as a strategy to create a community of lifestyle and wellness entrepreneurs, yoga instructors, and travel bloggers on Instagram. I knew I was on to something huge and that my journey with social media, Instagram, and influencer marketing was only beginning.

Fast forward to four years later, I have expanded my Instagram profile with a content strategy, posting, and integrations like stories, highlights, and IGTV. This content strategy is extended to include blogs/podcasts, freebies, online courses, and events.

No matter where you are in creating an amazing profile for your yoga and lifestyle business on the platform, this post will help you with your profile, content, and marketing as a Yoga Instagram influencer, retreat leader, and retreat center owner. 

Creating an Amazing Instagram Profile

Fit Life Cuba Retreat

Photo Credit: Preston Olsen via our Cuba Retreat

Your yoga Instagram profile is prime real estate. Whether you are using the platform for your yoga business, retreats, and/or lifestyle business, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

It’s important to initially consider whether you want to have one Instagram account or create two accounts to keep your business and personal profiles separate. 

The second step involves making sure your bio on your Instagram profile speaks to the community you want to create.

Here are some steps to set yourself up for success:

  1. Use your name or a catchy profile name
  2. Classify your Instagram profile as an entrepreneur, public figure, creator, etc.
  3. Include a picture that relates to the image that connects with your tribe.
  4. Get clear on including what will connect with your community e.g. quote, tag line, what you share, your title, freebies, and offers.
  5. Set up a personal hashtag and highlights for your community.
  6. List any rewards or features in your bio for credibility.
  7. Include a clear call to action in the link in bio.

Creating Content

Creating content for your Instagram starts with content strategy. Once you have a clear strategy, it’s important to continue to improve with quality, value, and consistency in your content.

Whether you are a yoga Instagram influencer, retreat leader, or retreat center, think about what your community will love to learn. Consider how that ties to the experiences you offer. 

Finally, consider ways to share your content on Instagram…like a BOSS.

Some ways to start creating content on Instagram include:

  • Yoga posts with tips and tools
  • Highlights with segments on poses
  • Live videos on marketing tips for your retreats
  • IGTV’s with behind the scenes and series
  • Swipe files with a yoga Instagram or marketing challenge
  • Hosting monthly challenges with a countdown on IG stories
  • Creating themes via days, weeks, and months

This list alone could keep you busy for months, if not years. Write down 1-3 things you could do this week and take action. Remember, done is better than perfect. 

Examples of Posts, IGTV’s, and Series

Over the years, I have connected with Yoga and Yoga Instagram influencers like Kelsey Reed Armbruster, Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen, Action Jacquelyn, and Koya Webb through Instagram and Wanderlust. 

Yoga Girl Instagram Profile

Yoga Girl’s Instagram profile


Koya Webb Instagram Profile

Koya Webb’s Instagram profile


Katrina Julia of Fit Life Creation

Katrina Julia’s Instagram profile

Whichever profile you glance at, you may quickly see that we are creating for our communities. Consider your passions and envision the type of community you want. Think about what will catch their attention so they connect with your profile and content.

Exponential Exposure in Every Direction

Creating an amazing Instagram profile is the first step. Taking ownership of your content strategy and consistency on your Instagram is next. This means showing up daily, weekly, monthly in various ways for your current and future community.

It’s realizing that every relationship starts with trust. This means being honest and asking yourself would you trust you with how often you show up now?

Why stop there? 

You can take your Instagram, Content, and Influencer Marketing to a new level.

Ideas to Expand and Integrate Instagram Marketing for your Yoga Business

1) Share IG Stories + Lives + Posts

2) Level up your photography via your phone/camera

3) Film videos for use for IGTV, YouTube, and Blog

4) Add videos in your blogs and blogging platforms

5) Reach out to travel platforms and magazines for features

6) Outreach to Tourism Bureaus for added collaborations

7) Tie into courses and events and retreats

Yoga Instagram profile

My own plan to create content like a boss includes:

  • Outline valuable content (like this post)
  • Consider the experiences I’ve had and may share (wellness, media, travel)
  • Share simple and easy tips via platforms I already use like WeTravel
  • Connect on doing a feature (like we did with Jen)
  • Propose doing a helpful feature and include others
  • Write the article for review to the editor
  • Repurpose via our podcast, e-mail blast, and social media 

By creating an amazing profile and content, you will connect with a community. Sharing consistently via posts, stories, lives and IGTV’s will keep community coming to you. Content creation involves a combination of strategy, creation, and execution. 

How will you take your marketing and Instagram to the next level with your business? 

If you would love to listen in, tune in to episode 176 on the podcast!

About Katrina

Katrina Julia CEO of Fit Life Creation

Katrina Julia is a Lifestyle and Transformation Expert, as well as Guru in Influencer and Digital Marketing. She is also the Creator and CEO of FIT Life Creation, an all in one lifestyle brand which focuses on Health, Wealth, and Business. 

Visit the website to find out more about what the brand does, or to contact Katrina for tips, tools, and tech to help you create a business you love. 

With a long list of successes driven by her passion for people and generating results, Katrina knows exactly how to create content that serves a purpose and connects with a community. From us at WeTravel, we want to thank Katrina for taking the time to share her valuable insights with us and look forward to continuing to be a part of her journey in the future. 

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