Crisis Management Playbook: How to Manage Your Travel Company in Times of Crisis

May 27, 2020
Wetravel Story Writer
< 1 min read

A comprehensive guide to help travel companies navigate an unexpected crisis. 

Whether it’s a natural disaster, economic downturn, global pandemic, or other unforeseen catastrophe, our advice is geared to help you overcome the setbacks and build a resilient business.  

Inside you will find step-by-step instructions to guide your response and action plan when dealing with a crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic.

We have included comprehensive tips on:

  • how to conduct your initial response
  • communication strategies when responding to clients, vendors, and the general public
  • best practices for preventing disputes and chargebacks
  • tips to manage your cash flow
  • ideas to future-proof your travel business
  • guidance to draw up a crisis-management plan

Crisis Management Playbook For Travel Companies