Experience Morocco: Changing Perspectives About Morocco

July 20, 2017
Sonja Bolger
3 min read

Hicham Mhammedi Alaoui’s story is as inspiring as it is fascinating, with a successful business built up from a mixture of a dream, chance, and hard work.

Hicham grew up in the bustling French-inspired streets of Casablanca, Morocco, before leaving in pursuit of higher education in the USA. He left knowing that he wanted to return to his homeland some day, but it was a question of when, and with what purpose.

Experience Morocco WeTravel Business

A position with Google after completing his studies took him from their USA headquarters around the world to Singapore, an exciting new direction, and experience, but further away from his goal applying what he had learned abroad back to a life in Morocco.

Although Singapore was an exotic and exciting experience, Hicham moved back to Boston to complete an MBA at Harvard, with the aim of figuring out how he might be able to use his talents at home. Fate has a funny way of working things out, and during his MBA studies, Hicham met Ghassan Rachid, a fellow student from Morocco who was wondering the same thing.

In the midst of brainstorming ideas, they took time out to organize a group trip to show their fellow students the beauty of Morocco from a local’s perspective. The trip proved to be a great success and confirmed there was an appetite for experiences that showed Morocco through the eyes of a local. And so, Experience Morocco was born.

Experience Morocco WeTravel Business

Experience Morocco organize authentic trips across the country, exploring the ancient alleys and medinas of the cities, navigating the vast Sahara desert and scaling the breathtaking Atlas Mountains. Tours with Experience Morocco can be customized for anyone, whether want to plan a private venture with family, a honeymoon, a group of friends, or you want to join a group trip. They’ve also stuck to their roots by continuing to plan student trips, which is where WeTravel comes in.

Planning a group trip takes a lot of organization, and when Hicham and Ghassan were planning their first student group trips they found a major point of concern was how to collect payments. This is when they discovered WeTravel, and they have now been using the system to process group trip payments for over one and a half years.

Experience Morocco WeTravel Business

Hicham informed us that when they’re working with large groups that it’s important to have a single platform to coordinate payments that works for them and their customers, and helps effectively with sales.

“WeTravel is a platform that’s trustworthy and US based. It works well and is easy to use. A great payment platform works smoothly and reliably to seamlessly process the payment. It’s something we don’t have to think about, that just works coherently with our business and the customer doesn’t even notice, and that’s the value of WeTravel.”

Since WeTravel has launched WeTravel Business, Experience Morocco has been able to use their own logo within the payment system, adding to the value of the way the system integrates into their tour business.

“When customers see our company logo during the payment process they can feel confident and assured that their payment is safe.”

Hicham also praised the customer support provided by WeTravel during the payment process.

“Recently a customer realized she had used a different payment card than she thought to pay for her deposit. She contacted customer support and within minutes she was able to change the payment card with no problems.”

Experience Morocco WeTravel Business

When asked what lies ahead, Hicham said that Experience Morocco will continue to focus on creating unique journeys that succeed in changing travelers’ perspectives about Morocco. From culinary adventures to musical odysseys through Morocco, Hicham and his team at Experience Morocco look forward to crafting ever more creative trips to showcase their homeland!