Facebook Marketing Strategies For Tour Operators

March 9, 2021
Maria Claudia Lira Alban
3 min read

About The Workshop

Maria Claudia, WeTravel’s Sales Manager for LATAM, hosted Chris Torres, Founder and Director of the Tourism Marketing Agency, who delivered the workshop in a live webinar.

We all know how powerful Facebook is as a tool to market your travel business. But there are platform changes to keep up with and your own trial and error process to master.

The workshop’s purpose is to give tour operators an indication of what’s currently working to drive leads. Chris shares some guidance on strategies that may help your business in the months ahead as the travel industry starts to emerge out the other side of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our Expert Speaker

Chris Torres is a marketing expert with more than 26 years of experience in the travel industry. His business provides Tours, Activities, Destination, and Travel brands with advice and guidance on how to gain brand recognition and increase bookings.

Facebook Marketing Through COVID

Facebook Advertising For Tour Operators

People interact with or discover content on Facebook very differently from how they do it on Google.

On Google, search or display ads appear when someone researches an idea they have.

But it doesn’t happen like this on Facebook. You have to put yourself in front of clients rather than leave them to find you.

And you have to do this in a meaningful way to stand out from your competitors online.

Now is a prime time to get out in front of your potential customers. Everyone has been at home researching ideas online and dreaming up bucket list trips they want to do when we come out of the pandemic.

The travel demand is there. If you haven’t already, start capturing interest and building relationships with people looking for what you offer.

Key Discussion Points In The Workshop

1. Understanding The Customer Purchase Journey Through Facebook

Due to the halt on movement over the last 11 months, travelers have been caught up in the awareness and consideration stage of the travel purchase journey.

Take this position into consideration and use it to shape your ad strategies and develop content to capture your potential clients’ interests.

2. Stages Of The Funnel

Stages Of Facebook Purchase Journey

Asking for a sale the moment you make contact with a person is rarely effective. Your adverts have to move potential clients down the funnel by helping them get to know your brand and earning their trust over time.

3. Quick Ad Tips

Remove some of the trial and error involved in getting your brand and content in front of your ideal traveler by learning tried and tested Facebook advertising tips from the experts.

Specific actions and prompts work better in different stages of the funnel. You need to know when to focus on particular ad types and formats and when to piggyback email marketing to add even more value to your audience.

4. Live Examples Of Facebook Advertising Strategies That Work

See live examples of Facebook advertising campaigns launched before and during COVID-19 the Tourism Marketing Agency has worked on.

Chris explains the goals, strategies, and results from the three campaigns to demonstrate Facebook advertising in action and its potential.

Facebook Marketing Strategies In Closing

You need to take your customers on a journey to get to know and trust your brand. In time, this will build up a steady stream of bookings and inquiries for your business.

Thank you to Chris for sharing his time and expertise with our community. Get access to the full workshop replay and learn about Facebook ad strategies that work here.

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And we plan to keep doing so!

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