4 Awesome Tips for Solo Female Travelers

September 21, 2016
Eva Casey
3 min read
Female Traveler

If you’re a female traveler, things may be a bit different for you. You think about things differently, take certain precautions, and even get to see things that your male counterparts may not get to see. The world is not nearly as scary for female travelers as the media makes it out to be. If you’re thinking of going on a trip to a far off country (or even a trip to a nearby town), go for it! The survey says that if you make the leap to travel, you’re just going to want to do it again and again. The WeTravel team loves to feed your travel addiction, so here is everything you need to know as a female traveler.

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Everything You Need to Know as a Female Traveler

Safety First!

The world may not be as dangerous as the media makes it out to be, but the fact is that certain safety precautions must be taken as a female traveler. If you’re going out at night, try to travel with a buddy. Keep alert to your surroundings, especially while walking alone down deserted streets. In fact, where possible try to stay on streets that have people walking down them. It’s not a good idea to tell a stranger your exact itinerary, such as where you’ll be staying and when. Most of all, trust your intuition! If something feels wrong or bad, don’t be embarrassed to get out of the situation immediately.

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Adapt to the Local Culture

This is true for all travelers, but adapting to local culture is especially important for female travelers. If the standard of dress varies greatly from your home country, it’s important to know that before embarking on your journey. Locals will not look favorably on women dressed showing too much skin in certain parts of the world. This article, by Travel Fashion Girl, is a handy guide to dressing for conservative countries.

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Be Polite, But Firm

You may run into a situation where you receive unwanted advances from someone. Whether it’s someone wanting to sell you something, asking to buy you a drink, or something more unpleasant. Sometimes, as women, we may have trouble being dismissive of someone who makes us feel uncomfortable. We may not want to offend them. But our comfortability is just as important as theirs. Don’t feel bad if you need to firmly tell someone ‘No.’ You are also more than entitled to walking away if the situation comes to that. Enlist the help of people in your surroundings. If they get the idea that you are being harassed, they will often come to your aid.

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Take Advantage Of Being a Female Traveler

When we talk about being a female traveler, we always seem to focus on the negatives like extra safety precautions. What about the unique ways in which women who travel can explore the world? Women are seen as less of a threat, in general, and can therefore make connections where others can’t. The gathering of local women? You are much more welcome there than your male counterpart. The same goes for children, who may feel more comfortable and able to open up in your presence. You will hear the stories of women and children around the globe.

For more information and tips on being a female traveler, check out this infographic by Work the World:

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Infographic Courtesy of Work the World