Give Back With a Souljourn Yoga Retreat in Morocco This Summer

April 21, 2017
Jordan Ashley
3 min read

Looking for a yoga retreat with a difference this summer? Want to empower on and off the mat, and give back as much as you gain?

We last caught up with Jordan Ashley to share how she founded Souljourn Yoga to help girls around the world. Jordan isn’t interested in hosting a retreat in a country and not giving back. Instead, she wants to educate both on and off the mat, practising the yogic principle of selfless service, and educating and empowering females everywhere.

This summer you can join Souljourn Yoga, in partnership with Alma Retreats, on an epic journey in the ancient and mystical Morocco. You’ll be led by the amazing Chicago-based flow yoga teacher, Alison Riazi and Souljourn founder Jordan Ashley. But I’ll let her tell you more…

Souljourn Yoga Retreat Morocco
Photo courtesy of Jordan Ashley

“The world has not promised anything to anyone,” says an old, Moroccan proverb. Yet, it’s through our yoga practice, the ability to transcend the studio walls into the world that we hope to create lasting connections and tangible change.

Morocco, place of imagination, mystery, and in my humble opinion, the epitome of exotic travel has been a top destination for those seeking out of the ordinary. Getting lost in the medina or staring up at the stars amidst the endless sand waves in the Sahara have always been romantic experiences. Yet, like the rest of the world, education for girls is still not a promise for the inspiring and talented young women that comprise this multifaceted nation.

This summer, Souljourn Yoga invites you to be a change-maker through the premise of giving back to yourself while giving to others on our Mystical Morocco yoga retreat. From June 17-24, we will be exploring the vast and rich culture all while supporting girl’s education. We have partnered with Education for All Morocco  that provides secondary education, housing, and support for the young women in the High Atlas Mountains who would be denied education otherwise. Included in the tuition to attend is a $300 tax-deductible donation that will go towards keeping the 80 young women in their two dormitories in school so that they make have a chance for choice in the scope of their lives.

Our adventure begins in Marrakesh. Wake up with rooftop yoga overlooking the ancient cityscape before sipping on sweet, mint tea before exploring the medina, tasting spices, and indulging in the hamam (traditional water spa). Lounge on the roof-top, indulge in a traditional Moroccan beauty ritual (complete with mineral mud and a massage).

We will then be transported (on a magic carpet ride, of course) to the beach for camel rides, surfing, and Bedoin glamping. Take a dip in the Atlantic, gallop along the shore, get your surf on, or snuggle up on a mountain of pillows before falling asleep in the Milky Way. Our last stop on our epic journey of the senses will be in the High Atlas Mountains where we will be meeting the girls from Education for All Morocco, hiking, and trying Berber cuisine.

Souljourn Yoga is a nonprofit (US 501(c)3) whose mission is to raise funds and awareness for girls education in developing countries through global yoga retreats. Inspired by the Sanskrit word “Seva” which means “selfless service” or “together with” our goal is for the yoga experience to transcend from out of the studio and into the world by offering both cultural and sensory immersion. The yoga practice should be one that inspires change from the inside/out to create harmony, balance, empathy and a global community of unity.

So, while the world may have not promised anything to anyone, we can promise to nourish our body, mind, and spirit all while uplifting and girls education on this journey.

Souljourn Yoga Reatreat Morocco
Photo courtesy of Jordan Ashley