Home Meal Sharing is the New Foodie Trend

March 9, 2016
Christina Nguyen
3 min read
Home Meal Sharing

Like we promised, WeTravel brings you the latest info and tips about getting more out of travel. We’re not just a trip organizing platform, but a source for passionate people to see the world. Read about how you can get the real deal on the best local food when you travel. 

Do you ever watch Anthony Bourdain or Samantha Brown traveling to far off countries and eating the most delicious home cooked meals you’ve ever seen? They’re welcomed to the table with open arms and open beers with the fire roasting an entire pig, or frying fish caught just down the river. You watch these tv-famous travelers and think, man would I like to be in their shoes. I know what you mean. That’s why I need to tell my readers about a foodie’s dream come true. It’s called home meal sharing, and it lets you become the next travel food journalist.

What is home meal sharing?

There are new businesses popping up that are transforming the dining experience. The most fascinating ones I wanted to feature is Traveling Spoon and EatWith. You are welcomed into the home of selected cooks or chefs who create a delicious tasting of their best recipes. It’s like AirBnB but for food! Traveling Spoon was featured in Forbes about being the next generation of culinary tourism. I couldn’t have described it in fewer words better myself. Only the most skillful cooks with the tastiest menus are selected to be on Traveling Spoon to ensure travelers are met with a culinary experience to make their trip unforgettable. 

Why go to the most over-priced Indian Restaurant when you can have a real local make it for you the right way. Source.

What’s so great about it?

When I’m working at the front desk at the hotel, I’ve gotten this question so many times. “So where’s the best place to eat? Not where you tell tourists the best place is to eat. I mean you:the local. Where to you go to eat?” Now me? Sure, I’m a local. But if you want to get really local, and still get a first class dining experience, then you need to try Traveling Spoon.

  • local food,
  • reasonably priced,
  • taste what is quintessentially the local cuisine,
  • get close to the people and culture,
  • visit the land with all your senses
Eat with a local and get a real food experience for your travels. Source
Eat with a local and get a real food experience for your travels. Source

Who’s doing it?

These businesses are a part of a foodie revolution.
These businesses are a part of a foodie revolution.


This is one of the biggest reasons why we travel, right? We’ll get on a plane, get out of the country, and want to taste something you can’t get right in your neck of the woods. What I love about this idea is that you feel safe knowing that this online platform can vouch for the caterer, and you know you’ll get special attention. How many times have you gone to that tourist trap restaurant with the amazing reviews, only to be given the cold shoulder? This way, you are truly getting someone who knows how to show you the best of their cuisine and culture. Glad that we found another set of people who think like us!

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That’s one of my favorite things about traveling with a trip organizer. It’s not a tour guide from some for-profit company. These are locals who are simply using the WeTravel platform. For inquiries please reach blog editor, Christina Nguyen, at christina.nguyen@wetravel.to