How Our Startup Got into the Financial Times

August 18, 2015
Michelle Yang
2 min read

Wetravel was recently featured in a Financial Times article, where we shared our history, mission, and goals. (Check out the article, Travel management site Wetravel is on an upward path!) We’d love to share how it came to be!

Image source: Wetravel
Image source: Wetravel

It all started with a journalist’s visit to the Haas School of Business. The journalist from the Financial Times, Jonathan Moules, came to visit different universities in the area and made a pitstop at UC Berkeley. Our founders were given the opportunity to meet with him through the Berkeley Skydeck program and shared the inspiration and diverse experiences behind Wetravel. Although they only talked with him for less than ten minutes, the founders of Wetravel and their travel stories wowed him and he offered them the opportunity to have a feature in the Financial Times!

What we realized is that the key to persuading a journalist is not the product or the traction you have. It’s all about your personal story. Jonathan was talking to dozens of startups during his trip to the Bay Area. We believe the main reason why he decided to write about WeTravel is because we spent ninety percent of our conversation on our personal story and only talked a little bit about WeTravel’s product.

Through this article, we hope to share how our founders’ experiences and backgrounds helped shape Wetravel as it is today. From the Haas School of Business to their own group trips to their language skills (they speak a combined 15 languages!), the diverse adventures and experiences of our founders have greatly influenced the company, its approach to travel, and its aspirations.

So the next time you are talking to journalists from a major publication, try to woo them with your personal story!

Image source: Wetravel
Image source: Wetravel

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