How to embed my WeTravel trip in my Wix site

September 23, 2017
Keri Pfeiffer
2 min read

So you just created a trip on WeTravel but you are having trouble embedding the trip to your Wix site?

No worries, we’ve got you covered!

This tutorial will show you how to integrate your WeTravel trip directly into your Wix website using a Book Now button.

1) Go to your Wix page editor and click ADD from the left panel. Then select BUTTON from the list. Here you’ll see many custom buttons. Pick the one which you like most and click on it. All of the buttons are customizable, so you can always change the colors afterwards.

2) To change the text and add a link click to the Change Text button above the button.

3) Change the text from the Button Settings popup. And to add the link click the Add a link… text.

4) In the popup select the Web Address. Make sure that New Window is selected on the right side.


5) Go to your Booking Page on WeTravel and select Embed from the right sidebar.

5) Select Direct Link on the left side. If you want the button to directly open the checkout process, then copy the second link Link directly to Payment Page. If you want to open the full booking page, then copy the Booking Page link.

6) Paste the copied link in your Wix popup, as shown below and click Done.

7) Congrats!! As soon as you publish your page, your customers will be able to book your trip online.