How to Get Over Your Ex by Traveling

June 23, 2015
Azzura Ricci
5 min read

Ever take a glance back at your bank account and wonder where all your precious money went since the end of your last relationship? Ever regret spending so much money on clothes, gifts, dates or on a significant other that didn’t appreciate all the things that you’ve given to them? Whether it ended mutually or terribly, be thankful that all of that is now in the past and that this is YOUR time to focus your attention elsewhere. Or put it simply, to just do you. Remember that it isn’t the end of the world and that you can finally take this time to see what else the world has in store for you. To help you, we at WeTravel have put together a list of the ways in which traveling will help you get over an ex.

Traveling helps you get away from the places that reminds you of the past.

When a relationship ends, you can’t help, but pass the cafe, restaurant, beach, park, or spot that you’ve previously visited with that special someone. What used to be your favorite places become constant reminders of why things didn’t work out or, even worse, reminders of why you wish it did. We’ve all been there, but the sad reality is that those thoughts will be there for some time. So why not get away and discover a new favorite place in the world where you can create new and more deserving memories?

Traveling gives you a sense of control again.

When you dedicate hours, days, months, or even years on one particular relationship, you can lose a sense of who you are or how you normally do things on your own. Activities that were once natural seem more difficult than ever when you are down. When you are overwhelmed by emotional thoughts, you will need a sense of control and effectance motivation in order to cope with it all. Traveling will help pull you out of this rabbit hole. When you travel somewhere new, it gives you faith and encourages you to change the world again.


Stop ruminating and start moving.  

Whether it was due to bad timing, nonexistent chemistry, major differences, misunderstandings, or simply bad experiences altogether, a lot of relationships end. Whatever the reason, understand that sometimes these things happen. Perhaps, you’ll fall victim to rumination, which is the tendency to needlessly, passively, endlessly, pointlessly, excessively and obsessively think. You ponder meanings, its causes, the consequences of your identity, character, feelings and problems. Similar to a loop embedded in your mind, you replay these thoughts over and over again and you let them take over you. When you dwell, overthink, or endlessly rehearse the negative thoughts of why things ended, you tend to blame yourself for something you simply had no control over. If this is you, stop ruminating and start moving!

Traveling as an antidote.

Rumination is the enemy of happiness, why not consider something a little more positive and friendly. Since rumination is emotionally destructive and a substantial barrier to your overall well-being. A good start would simply be to travel, one of the best antidotes after experiencing trauma or hardships. It provides you a distraction enough to combat rumination.

Simply go someplace new.

Take the extra mile to solve the trigger of over-thinking. To do this, perhaps you travel to a new scenery nearby or as far away as possible. Discover a new hiking trail, hill or mountain that will help elevate you and your thoughts. Reaching new heights will give you a new perspective in life. It offers you a new outlook in life and will motivate you to continue to explore the world around you.

Travel with a group.

Traveling with others will help you cope quickly because you won’t have to feel alone. Bring a close friend with you, who could help take the edge off of you. This is a great time for you to become closer to the friends you know you can always count on. If you don’t have a friend readily available to travel with, travel with one of our trip organizers who will offer you new sites to see, new locals to meet, new foods to try, and a cultural experience that will keep you yearning for more.

Focus on your legacy.

Your legacy is influenced by your life, your values, and your accomplishments. It is how you want to be remembered. Do you want to be remembered for not taking the opportunity to travel someplace new because you were waiting for that someone to come back? Do you want to fall in a routine of getting stuck in relationships that don’t serve you? Or do you want to be remembered for going out in the world and discovering new destinations, new experiences and new ways of doing things for others to follow?

Set goals for your future.

Avoid extrinsic goals such as pursuing goals merely to get back at an ex, to boost your ego, or to attain approval from others. Instead, set intrinsic goals to pursue that are inherently satisfying and meaningful to you. It will allow you to grow as a person and will help you become more satisfied with this profound moment you have to yourself. So stop worrying that you will never meet someone new and look forward to the new you instead. When you take a chance to travel to a foreign place, you will develop emotional maturity, as you learn how to cope on your own, gain more independence, and discover a new path you can finally call your own. Remember that you are in control of your life, so go out, take chances, and never look back at the past because what matters the most is being present and setting goals for your future.


We at WeTravel hope this has inspired you to be the best you that you can be! We know that break-ups can be hard, but we also know that you can learn and grow from this experience. Dedicate some time to yourself, whether that’s visiting a place you’ve never been to or reading a good book. Remember that this is your time to shine!