How Traveling Brings Couples Closer

June 25, 2015
Azzura Ricci
3 min read

This might come off as a contradiction to our other post, but who are we kidding? From hippies and students to sports junkies and corporate typhoons, traveling is universal! If we at Wetravel could choose one group who we wish would travel more, it would be couples. Whether you’ve just made it “Facebook official” or you’re about to celebrate your silver anniversary, traveling can help bring you and your significant other closer together. Here are our insights into how travel can be the glue that can hold any relationship together.

Get up & get out together!

Of course, we’re completely devastated by the season finale of Game of Thrones, but you shouldn’t let this difficult time get in the way of spending quality time with each other! Instead, you should take this time to finally get up off the couch, go out, and explore together! Why would you want to sit around and watch the new cast of MTV’s Real World start their lives again when there are way too may incredible destinations that you can visit yourself? Don’t you want to experience the real world yourselves? By traveling, you can build new memories together outside of the comfort of your own home!

Discover something new together.

For all you lovebirds out there who have hit up almost every coffee shop, movie theater, outdoor venue, park, beach, and are almost out of Yelp bookmarks close to home, traveling can provide you with new arenas. What better way to cherish and celebrate your everlasting love than to get away together? We suggest going some place both of you have never gone before.

Embrace new cultures in a foreign place.

Ever feel like your partner isn’t giving enough? Or even worse, has your partner been asking you for more than you can give? When tension is high, traveling to a foreign country will enlighten both of you. Convince them to travel with you to a different country. You can book a trip with one of our trip organizers in their home country and gain some experiences of living like a local. These experiences may provide you with situations where you don’t have the same luxuries that you might usually have. These scenarios will help you become grateful for what you do have. Not only will it change you both, but it will also lead you to appreciate each other.

Collect moments, not things.

Of course, everyone loves to receive gifts! But when you’ve been together for a long time, you’ll feel like you’ve run out of things to give each other. Problems may arise and you might feel like a hoarder when you both have to constantly guess whether you or they would like or even use the gift at all. If you really want to invest in a gift that you can cherish, surprise them with tickets to a place you both have been wanting to visit.

Good or bad, there’s no reason not to have fun!

The bottom line is we suggest for you to get up and get out together! Explore a new locale new together. Whether it be the Great Wall of Gum in San Luis Obispo or the strange Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles, go out there and have fun together! You might run into some issues (think: hotel room malfunctions, catching a bad case of seasickness, or getting locked inside because of an incoming typhoon), but the point is to go along and have fun with it! It won’t be the end of the world as long as you have each other! We guarantee that it’ll be a story worth telling and something to laugh about in the future.