20 Inspirational Yoga Teachers You Need to Follow

February 14, 2018
Eva Casey
10 min read

There is a seemingly endless array of yoga teachers vying for our attention on social media. We all need a little bit of inspiration once in a while, so the team here at WeTravel has compiled a list of 20 inspirational yoga teachers you need to follow.

Each of these teachers offers something unique and is an influential yoga teacher in some way.

Whether you’re looking for an inspiration yoga meme or a funny Facebook post, beautifully curated Instagram feed, or even free online yoga classes, these 20 yoga teachers have got you covered.

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Inspirational Yoga Teachers

1. Sonia Roberts

Sonia has been teaching yoga for over ten years, and every Friday she publishes a small story on her blog about yoga students in the San Francisco Bay Area. Influenced by various traditions and teachers, her passion is to help others build core strength and reach their full potential. Check out her Instagram (@soniarobertsyogamagic) to see some incredible inspirational yoga photos of Sonia performing various poses.

2. Chrissy Carter

Chrissy Carter strives to connect yoga with day-to-day life. If you aren’t in New York City to take classes from her, you can still get a taste of her philosophy via her blog posts, which combine tips for your yoga practice with general wisdom, positivity, and even yummy recipes.

If you love inspirational yoga teachers, Chrissy’s social media accounts are worth following! Her beautiful Instagram feed will have you staring and scrolling, and she’s also quite active on both Twitter and Facebook.

3. Laurel Beversdorf

What makes Laurel unique is her interest in the human body. She explains on her website that she teaches yoga “through the lens of anatomy and biomechanics.” By helping her students gain knowledge about their bodies, Laurel also helps reduce body shame. See her Body of Knowledge video blog, as well as snippets of her life via Instagram (@laurelbeversdorf), to get a feel for her teaching style. She also has an amazingly informative and in-depth YouTube Channel that’s perfect for anyone seeking to learn more about yoga.

4. Yogeswari

One of the most senior teachers of the Jivamukti Yoga Method is Yogeswari. She has been based at the Jivamukti Yoga School in New York City since the year 2000.

She also has 20 years of experience in dance and choreography, which shines through in her yoga practice. Yogeswari is the founder and president of AZAHAR Foundation, a non-profit promoting the yogic teachings of non-violence and compassion. She is active on Instagram (@yogeswari12) and Facebook.

5. Anne Van Valkenburg

Anne Van Valkenburg is a believer in the philosophy of the Eight Limbs of Yoga (for more information on the Eight Limbs in Ashtanga yoga, see our article on common types of yoga!).

She travels around the world teaching Yoga Works’ 200hr and 500hr teacher training programs and so is great inspiration for yoga teachers. Anne is one of our influential yoga teachers that shares our passion for travel. For some stunning travel inspiration, check out Anne’s Facebook and Instagram (@annevanyoga).

6. Katchie Ananda

Katchie Ananda has a diverse background in the world of yoga that includes certifications in Anusara, Jivamukti, Integral, and Ashtanga Yoga by Richard Freeman.

Check out the many classes she offers via audio tracks on Soundcloud. She is committed to spreading the message of non-violent activism and was co-founder/director of Yoga Sangha, a studio in San Francisco’s Mission district, dedicated to Yoga and Dharma.

Katchie leads retreats and teacher training around the world. Who better to learn from than a yogi with a creative mind and over 10,000 teaching hours?

7. Lisa Danylchuk

Lisa Danylchuk has a passion for healing, as a certified psychotherapist, that shines through in her yoga teaching and retreats. She teaches classes at YogaWorks along with leading retreats and Yoga Trauma workshops.

In these Yoga Trauma workshops, you can learn to heal past hurts through the practice of yoga.

You can also make an appointment with Lisa for movement therapy, Biofeedback, and EMDR. Lisa founded How We Can Heal, where she not only helps people heal through yoga but teaches others how to help heal with her online course.

Check out her Facebook and Twitter pages, where she frequently posts intriguing and inspiring yoga stories and articles.

8. Suzanne Sterling

If you have interests in both yoga and music, Suzanne Sterling is a must-follow. She is a vocal performer and recording artist who creates sacred ceremonies for festivals and large gatherings.

Suzanne is also a passionate activist, having founded Voice of Change, an online training designed to develop and strengthen your ability to live, express, and embody your truth. She is the Co-founder Off The Mat, Into the World, a community of people using yoga as a tool for change.

Her Pinterest features all sorts of interesting content including her voice training videos. She’s also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Heading off to @symbiosisgathering with the framily this weekend.

I love this festival so much- art, music, workshops, social action! I’ll be offering Voice of Change sat at 3pm in the Movement Shala and Awakening the Serpent at the Hub Sunday at 9:45am with special guest @martin_dragonfly my dear friend and badass DJ! So glad also that they are standing with Standing Rock….the ongoing protest there needs supplies for the coming months.

More about that soon! @cristi_christensen @sauldavidraye @claire_thompson_yoga @michellenayeli @android_jones @michaelchristianart @tashabird @vandanashiva1 @winonaladuke and so many more!

A photo posted by Suzanne Sterling (@suzannesterlinglive) on

9. Jenny Aurthur

Two decades ago, Jenny Aurthur escaped a job she couldn’t stand for the world of yoga. Now, she’s in love with her job as one of the most inspirational yoga teachers around. You can see some of her instructional videos here! And for a good dose of laughter, smiles, and cute photos, be sure to check out her Instagram feed for yoga inspiration!

10. Cristi Christensen

Cristi Christensen is a traveling yoga teacher and the face of many yoga brands, such as Exhale Spa, Loewes Hotel Hollywood, Satya Yoga Wear, and Ananda Soul Creations. When she’s not traveling around the world teaching yoga, she is teaching classes in her backyard – Venice Beach, California.

You can follow Cristi on Instagram (@cristi_christensen) and Facebook for a behind-the-scenes look at her travels and snippets of encouragement and inspiration.

Another new class just released on @udayayoga, Courage to Fly!

It is a playful intro to arm balancing practice that will help you face your fears and stand on your hands with strength and confidents! Live Music by the magical: @robotnaturemusic, @masoodalikhanmusic and DJ @solrising Khan ! https://udaya.com/courage-to-fly/ For just $12 a month you can enjoy all the amazing teachers and classes on Udaya.com! #yogaaroundtheglobe

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11. Meghan Currie

Meghan has a mind-blowing Instagram feed and inspiring YouTube videos where she talks about Yoga and so much more! Meghan travels around the world leading yoga retreats, workshops, and teacher training.

She is also an all-around creative soul and artist, as shown by the paintings you can view on her website.

12. Janet Stone

Janet Stone is a yogi and retreat leader based in Bali and San Francisco. Her yoga studentship began at the age of 17 when she studied the meditation teachings of Prem Rawat. A trip to India in 1996 sealed the deal, and she became dedicated to the path of yoga.

As devoted to motherhood as to yoga, Janet has been featured in many publications writing about yoga and being a mother (mom-asana, in other words). You can follow Janet on Instagram and Facebook for beautiful photos, helpful videos, and to be the first to know about upcoming classes and retreats.

13. Laura Burkhart

Laura Burkhart came to yoga as a way to recover from decades of pushing her body to its limits as a dancer. Laura is based in San Francisco, where she teaches classes at Yoga Works and Yoga Tree.

She also leads many online classes, and you can find a multitude of free online yoga classes by visiting her website. Laura writes for many online yoga publications, such as SELF magazine, Yoga Journal, and Refinery 29. You can follow Laura for more yoga inspiration on Instagram.

inspirational yoga teachers
Photo Courtesy of Laura Burkhart

14. Dana Damara

Dana is a teacher, retreat leader and an activist for women of all ages. She is actively cultivating community with her Embody Truth Teacher Training, a training that goes beyond the typical yoga poses and delves deep into the core of what makes each of us want to share the gift of yoga. Dana is helping to empower girls and women through the organization Girls Elevate and her regular women’s circles and retreats. She even hosts mother/daughter yoga retreats! What’s more, Dana has a full page on her website dedicated to giving you free stuff such as free online meditations and yoga videos. You can follow Dana on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

No one else can – only you. You must look inside yourself, listen intently and make the changes necessary to live your life the way you envision.

Weekly Schedule, including a special free teacher training info session on Thursday at 7:45pm at @thepadstudios Mon 12pm – @yogatreesf Castro Tue 6:15pm – #ThePadStudios Thur 6:15pm – The Pad Studios Fri 9am – The Pad Studios Fri 12pm – #YogaTreeSF Castro #DanaDamaraYoga #yogaSF

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15. Rob & Melissa Lundsgaard

Rob and Melissa are Bhakti yogis, teachers and Kirtan singers, devoted to celebrating the divine through the practice of Kirtan, or call and response chanting. They are inspirational yoga teachers for couples everywhere who want to learn how to place love and devotion as their number one priority. Their personal mantra is “Be Nice and Have Fun,” which is a mantra that everyone can follow.

Rob and Melissa have released many Kirtan CDs, both together and separately. You can purchase or listen to them on their website. They also hold retreats throughout the year, full of meditation, mantra, live music, and Kirtan, of course. Follow Rob and Melissa on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to be a part of a thriving community of likeminded yogis.

16. Danni Pomplun

Danni Pomplun is a Devotional Warrior and Yogi Misfit. His classes, immersions, and retreats are held to the beat of Danni’s handpicked music. He will also bring his beats to your yoga class or event. Danni’s yoga blog is full of his thoughts on yoga, beats of the week, and most famously his ‘Yogi Misfit’ podcast, in which he chats with inspirational yoga teachers around the world.

You can find Danni leading public & private classes in the Bay area, and yoga workshops, retreats, and training all around the world. Follow Danni on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, where he will soon be debuting high-quality yoga videos.

inspirational yoga teachers
Check out one of Danni’s Yogi Misfit Podcast Episodes by clicking the photo

17. Lindsay Gonzalez

Lindsay specializes in SUP Yoga Teacher Trainings, which she holds all over the world. During these SUP teacher trainings, called Breathe on Board, you will learn how to teach 75 minute paddle board classes. Lindsay goes over how to teach the beginner SUP lesson, including water safety. She also teaches a Beginner SUP Yoga Class and an Intermediate SUP Yoga Class.

All of this is done in one weekend, so you can begin leading classes on Stand Up Paddle Board. Who is Lindsay? She is a Maryland Native who is a sponsored stand up paddle board athlete with Boardworks. Follow Lindsay on Instagram for a behind the scenes look at her travel lifestyle and SUP Yoga Teacher Trainings.

18. Adrienne Kimberley

Adrienne Kimberley is a Seattle-based yogi and yoga teacher, who has a keen entrepreneurial spirit. She co-founded the Down Dog App, an app that allows you to practice in your home, with a brand new vinyasa yoga sequence every day. Adrienne co-owns and created the method for Barre Bohemian, a Barre/Yoga Fusion Class. She also designed Seattle’s only mobile yoga teacher training program. Adrienne also has an amazing Spotify account with plenty of Spotify Playlists for Yoga. Follow her on Instagram for beautiful yoga and entrepreneurial inspiration.

19. Juli Rathke

Juli is the founder of YOGA + Life Magazines, which helps regional yoga and wellness markets launch their own magazine. She specializes in business retreats and high-performance executive coaching. Julie also offers retreats for all kinds of yogis with GoYo Adventures.

She offers online yoga courses and online classes on a variety of topics. Julie was named one of the top 50 motivational yogis to follow on Twitter. Also, follow her on YouTube and Instagram for yoga tips and life inspiration.

20. Tiffany Russo

Tiffany is one of only two certified SmartFLOW Yoga Teacher Trainers, a practice for learning to stay in the present moment. She teaches 200hr SmartFLOW yoga teacher training as well as online classes with Yoga Vibes. As a California native, Tiffany’s Instagram is a love letter to her home state, with bright, fun photos and a behind the scenes glimpse of her Cali-cool life.

WANDERLUSTING. Nothing but love ? #wanderlustfestival #wildflowers #yogateacher #findyourtruenorth #warrior

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There you have it, our top 20 inspirational yoga teachers you need to follow! Are you looking for even more inspirational yoga teachers to follow? Check out this list of 100 influential American yogis! Who are your favorite inspirational yoga teachers?

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