Introducing Payment Plans for WeTravel Trips!

November 6, 2017
Sonja Bolger
3 min read

Travel is one of the best examples of spending money on experiences rather than material things. When we want to take a trip we often have to save money so that we can pay for all the costs involved. The only problem is, we usually can’t book anything until we’ve saved all the money, and by that time the flight costs could have changed, or the group trip might not be happening for another year, if at all!

And that’s where the new WeTravel Payment Plans come in. Payment plans make travel more accessible, and by introducing payment plans for WeTravel trip organizers, more people will be able to plan to attend.

“There is a lot of excitement in our community about this release, it’s something many organizers are waiting for. We believe that this feature will make the unique travel experiences that our organizer’s offer more accessible. By dividing a large purchase like a bucket-list trip or a yoga teacher training, more consumers will be able to fulfill their travel aspirations.”

– Johannes Koeppel, Co-Founder & CEO WeTravel.

WeTravel Payment Plans

The benefits of payment plans for organizers

Encourage early sales

You might plan the most amazing trip, and market it in a way that means it gets in front of plenty of people who would love to attend. However, many of them may not be able to immediately afford the costs. They might have to wait to secure their place, which could mean that circumstances change and they decide not to come. Plus, early sales can encourage further sales, when people realize more and more spaces are being filled and the fear of missing out kicks in!

On the other hand, having a payment plan in place means people can sign up early. You can then have a better idea of the success of their marketing efforts and focus your energy on where it’s needed, whether that’s further sales or organizing logistics. Having access to money up front can also help with your cash flow.

Make your trips more accessible

Trips can be a big upfront expense for people, and breaking them up into manageable payments can be the difference between someone attending your trip or not. It’s more cost-effective and easy for people to be able to manage smaller multiple payments than one large payment, although of course, they’ll always have that option too!

WeTravel Payment Plans

More automated payment management

As a trip organizer, managing payments can be a big task that takes a lot of time. WeTravel payment plans make it so much easier to manage. When setting up the trip you can set the number of instalments you’d like and what date they should be paid. You also specify whether your clients are charged automatically, or whether our system send them smart reminder emails when a payment is due. The system is doing all the work for you. WeTravel’s platform takes care of chasing any payments that fall behind!

How to set up WeTravel payment plans

The new WeTravel payment plans are easy to set up and can be made available for all participants, or for a participant who has already paid a deposit and wants to pay the rest of the balance in installments. Once they’re set up you can leave it to WeTravel to do the rest of the work. And there’s no additional fee for the service!

Find out more about how to set up WeTravel payments through our Help Centre.

Having access to payment plans for WeTravel trips will benefit both trip organizers and participants, and we’re so excited for our current and new operators to take advantage of this new service!