Traveling Solo? Join a Tour Group to Make New Friends

October 16, 2015
Christina Nguyen
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WeTravel is happy to present today’s guest blogger, Chau Mui, from Chau for Now.

She’s a savvy girl from Brooklyn who makes travel a priority no matter how small a bank account. Chau runs a travel website all on her own and a witty blog to bring you the best advice on traveling solo and/or on a budget.

She’s written a great post on why you should try to join a tour group in your lifetime!

Why Join A Group Tour

Unforgettable Experiences You Have To Share

When it comes to traveling, being alone is sometimes the best way to explore a new city. Remember the scene in, “Home Alone” when Kevin wakes up to an empty house and happily realizes he can now do anything?

After being told what to do all day at home, in the office, by your spouse, on the train wouldn’t you be as happy to be free?

The gift of silence alone is well worth it for tired ears.

There’ll be times though, that you want to have a friend by your side as you take in the view from  the top of a 10,000ft mountain or explore a new city at nighttime. When that happens, instead of being a loner sitting in the corner of a bar, join a tour group!

join a tour group
You’re GOING to need help to conquer Machu Picchu.

Traveling is a Bonding Experience

Tour groups are one of my favorite ways to make friends on a trip because you encounter a variety of different people. Since you are all bonded by this group, you will inevitably and naturally befriend one another.

(This goes out to all you shy ones out there) The best part is that you’ll be meeting people from all walks of life, so hopefully you will be making new friends you can visit all over the world one day.

group travel

Meet People of Different Backgrounds

Tour groups can be as short as a day hike to week long adventures. Prices will range but you can generally find deals at your hotel/hostel, travel agency or online. When I visited Peru earlier this year, I joined a group hike to Machu Picchu that lasted for five days.

Our group was colorful with travelers from Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Argentina, France, Canada and myself, the lone American. There were two other solo travelers, but by the end of the trip, none of us were solo anymore.

Our meal times turned into linguistic lessons, light conversations turned into heart to hearts and soon our group became a family that was more tight knit than an ABC sitcom running on primetime television.

At the end of the day, traveling solo means that you may arrive alone, but you always leave with new friends. (End with  “The More You Know” theme)

Chau has amazing pictures from her travels and is definitely a travel influencer in our eyes. To read more about her adventures traveling solo and how you can plan your own badass trip visit her blog.

Chau Mui

Trip planning can really be a chore sometimes and Chau researches for the top traveling tips you need to know now. If you are ever feeling like you want to make sure you aren’t missing out on where you are traveling to, connecting with a local who will organize everything can really take the stress away.

Find your next adventure where no stone is left unturned.

Photos and post provided by Chau Mui