Key Points To Include In Your Sports Tour Information Pack

December 20, 2019
Azzura Ricci
5 min read

It’s incredibly rewarding when the sports tour you’ve organized goes off without a hitch. Often, making sure that the team, coaches, and chaperones are prepared is what ensures that things run smoothly. That’s why you issue a tour information pack or dossier so that everyone can read up beforehand on exactly what to expect.

Putting together this document is no small feat though, and the more detailed it is, the better. So that you don’t miss any key points, here are some ideas on the sort of information that goes into a sports tour dossier.


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Key Information For A Sports Tour Dossier

Welcome Note

Begin your document with a welcome note to the tour participants. At this point, they will have just signed up for your sports tour and are likely excited about the trip ahead. As the organizer, take this opportunity to set the tone for the rest of your interactions leading up to the departure dates.

In this note, give an overview of the tour – for example, mention how many nights participants will be away, the number of match fixtures they have lined up, the destinations they will be visiting, travel dates, etc.

The aim here should be to provide anyone reading the information with a brief outline of the tour before delving further into the details.

Sports Tour Dossier Information

Outline The Fixtures

As you are organizing a sports tour, the fixtures list is going to be the participants’ focus. Both the coach and team players are going to want to know a bit about who they will be pitted against, as well as have an outline of where and when the matches are scheduled.

Provide a summarized overview of each match, the date, the opposing team, and the location where it will be held. This will give the participants enough information to research their opponents as well as the location where they will be staying. Even though it’s a sports tour, they might want to go sightseeing on the days when there are no fixtures set.

Detailed Day By Day Itinerary

The next bit of information for a sports tour dossier is to detail the itinerary. From start to end point, it’s best to provide a write up on what the daily schedule entails.

Include details such as the overnight location, any transport or movements to be made, match times, free time, meal arrangements, etc. Lay it all out in time slots according to each day so that the information is easy to follow and reference at a glance.

When the actual tour dates come up, it’s a good idea to check that each participant has a copy on them at all times. It means they can keep better track of the schedule and ensure they are where they need to be at all times.

Competing Sports Teams

Inclusions and Exclusions

This section of information for a sports tour dossier will be very relevant to the decision-makers supporting the team. Understanding what is and isn’t included in the package will help them to fill in the gaps in terms of what they need to organize themselves.

Outline points such as the flights, transfers, number of night’s accommodation, meals, and transport between fixtures included.

Similarly, let them know what’s not included. This could be extra spending money, lunches on fixture-free days when participants will be out exploring, hotel taxes, etc.

If travel insurance is not included, advise participants to take out their own and provide a recommendation if you have any.

Safety and Security

Depending on the age group of the team, this may be their first time on a trip without their parents. However, even if it’s not, the safety and security of each participant is no doubt of paramount concern to you as the sports tour organizer.

The dossier should show that you have covered all the bases related to the safety and security of the participants. This could mean appointing a chaperone who is first aid certified to go on the trip. There should also be a suitable number of chaperones available to accompany the players.

While it’s not up to you to set a code of conduct for the tour, as the organizer, you may have some rules to include. Consult with the coach who is heading the trip to get their list and draft it into the dossier so that the participants are aware of what’s expected of them while traveling.

Tips For Sports Tour Organizers

Contact Information

Because the team will be moving around to meet their fixtures, it’s useful for them to have the contact details of a key member from each of the opponent teams in case they need to get in contact. A bus may run late, or traffic could delay travel times. In cases like this, being able to notify the other team is vital.

Other key contact information for a sports tour dossier are the numbers for the accommodations, transport providers, and yours as the organizer.

To provide a platform for the team to share photos and keep in contact with friends or family while they are on the trip, set up a Facebook group and add the relevant members. This way, they will have the space to record how the trip is going and share the memories.

Packing List

The team will find it useful if you include a recommended packing list. As you’re familiar with the locations the team is touring to, you’re best placed to let them know what to bring in terms of clothing and gear.

Tour packing list

Visa Considerations For Foreign Travel

If the team is traveling internationally, include any advice on the visas they require.


Here you can address any common questions that you think participants might ask. This can include dates when payments are due, information about the cancellation policy, what will happen in the event of a fixture cancellation, etc.

Final Thoughts

The information for a tour dossier that we have mentioned above will provide you with an outline of what to include in your information pack. Presenting a comprehensive document will help everyone involved to be more organized leading up to the trip, as well as reassure them of your ability to put together an amazing travel experience for the group.

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