Launching WeTravel in the Eurozone and the UK!

April 24, 2018
Johannes Koeppel
< 1 min read

We’re so excited to officially launch WeTravel in the Eurozone and the United Kingdom! WeTravel’s payment platform makes accepting payments for custom and group trips in Europe much simpler.

How will the new currency options benefit travel organizers?

Travel companies and organizers can signup for WeTravel to create booking pages, manage clients and then instantly start accepting EUR and GBP. The organizer can then add their own GBP or EUR account to receive payouts, or make onward payments to their suppliers’ and partners.

How does it benefit clients?

Participants can now pay directly from their European or UK bank account, or with any European card. Since payments are processed in Europe, there is no foreign transaction fee or similar.

What about pricing?

We process payments for as low as 1%+30c/30p. You can see our full pricing here – no setup, monthly, or hidden fees!

We are thrilled to be bringing WeTravel to Europe. We can’t wait to see what fantastic travel experiences from European travel companies will be supercharged with the help of WeTravel.

Please contact us if you have any questions!