Long Journey to Mt. Bromo, Indonesia Rewarded this Traveler with Amazing Eruption

January 29, 2016
Christina Nguyen
3 min read
Climbing Mt. Bromo

As of January 26, 2016, Mount Bromo in Indonesia was officially erupting lava. This traveler was lucky enough to capture the volcano in its active state.

Thomas Dang was in the right place at the right time during his experience of group travel. People have visited Mount Bromo before with not quite the same luck: usually crowded with tourists, or on a cloudy day. Most especially, people usually visit while the crater is only slightly smoking, not full-on erupting! This group trip was quite lucky to have their expedition end with a spectacular event.

Thomas Dang grabbed amazing shots of the Mt. Bromo eruption in Indonesia.

Thomas and his group, coming from Yogyakarta, took a 9 hour train ride, then a bus and private car. They arrived at the village at night time then woke up early at 3am for a 1.5 – 2 hour hike to the viewpoint. It was quite a long, difficult journey, but definitely worth the effort.

Shot with a Sony a6000

Scared of Getting Lost?

Navigation is not too difficult here since there is a specific trail for many tourists to use so it’s safe from wild creatures, and there are some local touts along the way selling coffee and snacks, souvenirs, and a horse ride so it’s hard to get lost. Just remember to bring a flashlight to see where you are going.

While these guys did it independently, there are tour organizers in Yogyakarta who will take you for cheap to Mt. Bromo and from there to the ferry to Bali. They will be using WeTravel’s platform to organize all the information in the near future.

Visiting Indonesia will grant gorgeous views of the landscape

Prepare for Quite a Hike

Even with a prearranged the van to drive you to the mountain, the van stops at the foot of the viewing platform so, you will still have to walk a bit to reach the top.  Wear comfortable shoes that you aren’t afraid to get a bit dirty!

Waking up at the crack of dawn is worth it to get this view.

Chance of Danger During the Eruption?
They closed the whole national park as a precaution so the group couldn’t walk up right to the crater like normally accessible on regular days. They were far away enough from getting any ash and felt pretty safe viewing the eruption from the lookout.

A long hike uphill can be a lot of work, but look at the reward.

Vip Treatment

“Usually the viewpoint would be full of tourists, but because of the closure of the park, there weren’t many tourists visiting. So we had plenty of space to share around. Was definitely something special.”

What an unreal shot. Image Source: Thomas Dang

Hopefully, we all can have that serendipitous moment of seeing something truly unique and special for our own travels. Thomas took fantastic photos of this amazing event, and WeTravel is very grateful that he shared them with us. If you are interested traveling and would like the help of a local to get the inside scoop on where to go, check out some of our upcoming trips. You can also organize your very own group trip WeTravel’s trip planner.

All photos were used with permission and taken by Thomas Dang. For any inquiries, please reach the blog editor, Christina Nguyen at christina.nguyen@wetravel.to