6 Ways to Make Your Business More Inclusive for LGBTQ+ Travelers

June 22, 2022
Briyanna and Chantell
4 min read
Bree and Chantell of Two Grls, One World are a Black, lesbian couple committed to inspiring minority LGBTQIA+ groups to travel freely. They join our expansive network of Women in Travel who’re shaking up long-standing inequities to propel change for a better represented travel industry. Like Bree and Chantell, we want to hear from you; if you have a story or resource you want to share with the Women in Travel community, you can email .

With the climate of the world changing every second of every day, the safety of LGBTQ+ travelers is becoming more unpredictable. Homosexuality is still criminalized in 71 nations around the world, with some nations punishing by death. Death for being who you are! Just let that sink in. It’s 2022 and it’s so sad to see that we are still dealing with this issue.

As a Black, married lesbian couple (@twogrlsoneworld), our safety can be compromised in any destination we step foot into. We have traveled to 15 countries and 21 states together. Some places we felt completely comfortable (like Thailand) and other places we felt as though we were a circus act the entire visit (Santorini, Greece and Smoky Mountain, USA come to mind). 

Our physical presentation often results in constant stares. For instance, when we check into a hotel and our request indicates a single bed versus double, the disapproval is pretty obvious. But, the look of disapproval is just one of many things we are faced with during our travels. And for that reason safety and inclusion is a priority to us. 

According to Community Marketing & Insights, LGTBQ+ travelers make up 7-10% of the travel industry and this number is only expected to increase in years to come. As a lesbian travel couple, we prefer to spend our travel dollars with businesses that accept us for who we are and truly make their business a safe space to be expressive. When comparing inclusive businesses to non-inclusive businesses, it can be inferred that the inclusive experiences are more memorable and humanistic. The feel of the environment can determine whether or not a community will return or recommend it to others. Although this may not matter to some, recommendations and reviews greatly impact a business’s success and bad experiences with non-inclusive businesses can be truly detrimental. 

Now, to be quite honest, all businesses do not have to hang a pride flag out front or take extreme measures. In our opinion, as long as the LGBTQ+ community is recognized as human and treated with respect, the aesthetic piece should not matter as much.   

Moving on to the big questions–  What does inclusion look like? How can the LGBTQ+ community feel seen and heard?

We’re glad you asked. Here is a list of six ideas that we think businesses can use to begin to become more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. 

1. Inquire about pronouns

Providing paperwork with pronoun choices or asking upon introduction what  pronouns a person may use can really showcase that you understand the community and truly care. It’s the little things that truly matter.

2. Market to LGBTQ+ people

Your marketing (via business cards, flyers, social media, etc.) should support the LGBTQ+ community year-round. Support does not exploit! Supporting the LGBTQ+ community all year and not only during the month of June (Pride Month) can go a long way. As a community, we can point out those who are true and intentional with their support.

3. Collaborate with members and businesses that represent the community

This is very important! If businesses take the time to reach out to different entities in the LGBTQ+ community, whether that be actors, content creators, influencers, etc., it lets LGBTQ+ people know that they have their best interest at heart. People also respect the opinions of those in the spotlight and if the business earns their respect, it gives the business a great look. 

4. Offer and sponsor events that support the community

Oftentimes businesses are asked to partner with others or to sponsor an event. Making a conscious effort to connect with the community can be great marketing as well as a good teambuilder.

5. Develop an inclusion and diversity board

It can be difficult to understand a group that is unfamiliar to most. So having a board that specializes in diversity and inclusion can be beneficial. This board or committee can create opportunities that help open the minds of the customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

6. Diversify your team

Hiring diverse employees sets the tone for the workplace by including members of the LGBTQ+ community. Not only does it create a safer environment for employees, but it also helps patrons feel more included and at ease. For example, if we visit a business and notice that their staff is only comprised of one type of people (including race, gender or sexual orientation), then we may enter with a side eye. On the other hand, if we see people of color, women, trans, lesbian, and gay people, etc., we would feel much more comfortable and that business will have made a great first and lasting impression.

As members of the LGBTQ+ community, it is important that we travel the world safely while embracing who we are– a Black, married, lesbian couple. With the help of businesses and business owners around the world, we and many others can have limitless experiences as we travel while also helping to educate others on what inclusion and diversity looks like for LGBTQ+ community.

 Safe & Happy Travels!