Why You Need to Offer Online Payments for Your Group Trips

August 25, 2017
Sonja Bolger
4 min read

Are you trying to organise a group trip for your community, friends, yoga students, or even your travel company? Have you considered online payments? If not, then you really need to!

If a customer is looking for a trip and they want to book, they want to do it when they’re ready. Not when you’re available or you have the time to answer their phone call or email! Whether you already have an established customer base or you’re looking to market your trip, having a payment platform will really help you (and your group trip attendees!) to make payments easily and efficiently. The problem is, if you’re not a large company then it’s unlikely you have the manpower or the money to building run your own payment platform that will allow your customers to make their payments 24/7.

But why do you need to offer that? Surely if you’re not a “big” company then it’s not necessary? Well, you’d be surprised. Using a payment platform for your group trip can save you money and valuable time that’s better spent on organising the trip itself and making it the best it can be! But that’s not all, here are our reasons why should you offer online payments for your next group trip.

Online Payments For Your Group Trip

Save time

Manually keeping track of deposits and payments isn’t easy when you’re trying to plan and organise a group trip at the same time. It means a lot of spreadsheets, emails to write, chasing payments, and no support. Using a payment platform means that all of this is taken care of for you. You can relax knowing that the system will collect payments, automate emails, and provide support where it’s needed. Utilise options for discount codes to reward loyal customers and don’t worry about having to keep track of it yourself. Manage bookings and pay suppliers, all through a payment system.

All of this saved time allows you to concentrate on what you do best, crafting the best retreat program or group trip!

Online Payments For Your Group Trip

Save money

Time is money, and by saving time you’re also saving yourself money. Either you would need to manage payments for yourself, using your time, or you’d need to hire someone to do it for you. If you choose the right payment gateway, then fees can be low enough to save you money.

Make more money

Using a payment platform means you can concrete on marketing your group trip, rather than sorting out payments. Create your trip, use social media marketing to spread the word, and concrete your efforts anywhere other than payments! By saving money and putting your time into other tasks, you’re making more.

Online Payments For Your Group Trip

Improve customer experience

Having a professional payment system gives your customers confidence. People want to enter their personal and bank details into a website they can trust. If it looks amateur or too basic they may not think it’s secure. Instead, use another payment platform to accept payments, or integrate it into your existing brand with a payment gateway like WeTravel Business.

If customers are ready to make a purchase then they want to do it now, and having them come back when you’re “open” or sending an email might mean you lose a sale. Instant payments are considered the norm in internet sales now, and it’s important for you to keep up, even if you’re a small travel business or community group trip leader.

Using a payment gateway means less chance of mistakes with payments, like those that can be made when payments are taken manually. It’s much easier to keep track of payments, and even organise refunds if necessary.

Online Payments For Your Group Trip

Offer security

One of the biggest reasons to offer a payment system for your group trip is to ensure the security and privacy of your customers. Taking payments online requires a certain level of security that you either may not understand or be capable of as a smaller tour company or group trip leader.

So with all of these reasons to use a payment platform for your travel company, how do you actually implement one?

How to offer online payment without the cost

Now that you can see the need for an easy, 24/7 online payment system for your next group trip, how exactly are you supposed to offer that? Like we said, if you’re organising a group trip for a community, starting out as a yoga retreat leader or you’re a small tour company, building your own system is unlikely to be something you have the budget for, or even the need.

Instead, you can consider a payment platform like WeTravel, which will allow you to create a trip and promote it to your attendees or to new customers and accept payments. Or if you already have your own company, use WeTravel Business to integrate a payment system that carries your own trusted branding and is easy for your customers to use. WeTravel has the lowest fees in the industry and the ability to create beautiful trip pages that will appeal to your customers.

Online Payments For Your Group Trip

Make your business more successful by offering online payments to your customers, and do it in a way that doesn’t cause you extra work, stress, and money!