The Absolute Easiest Way To Organize A Group Trip

August 29, 2016
Maria Claudia Lira Alban
3 min read
Organize a Group Trip

So now you know all about planning your group trip. What about now that you have listed your group trip on WeTravel? If you are leading a public trip, you will need to promote it so that other people know about it.

Luckily, WeTravel helps with promotion, too. Once you have travelers interested in your group trip or yoga retreat, they can sign up and pay easily with WeTravel. Travelers and trip organizers alike appreciate an easy, streamlined enrolment process.

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Let’s look at the 4 easy steps to organize a group trip:

organize a group trip

Organize a Group Trip with WeTravel

Step One: Publish and Promote Your Trip

Once you publish your trip page it will look like something the below. The page contains all the key information pertaining to your trip, including price, itinerary and a booking option.

Organize a Group Trip

Then, you can promote your trip via email, social media or any other channel. Automatically print a flyer to hand out. Embed the trip in your website by copying a few lines of code. When you embed your trip on your website, it will look like this:

You can even gain more travelers by promoting your trip to the 1000’s of people who visit WeTravel every day.

Organize a Group Trip

Step Two: Travelers Sign Up For Your Trip

WeTravel has a large database of trips for travelers to peruse and find the perfect one for them. Once travelers have found your trip, they can sign up on WeTravel and pay securely with their checking account or credit card.

Organize a Group Trip

Step Three: Use Our Dashboard To Keep Track of Travelers

The real lifesaver when planning a group trip with WeTravel is our Dashboard. It makes planning so much easier. No more juggling manual spreadsheets or email chains. You can easily see who has signed up for your trip, issue refunds, manage cancellations and set custom prices. You can even download everything into an excel spreadsheet.

Organize a Group Trip

Step Four: Collect Your Money

Once you need your travelers to pay up, don’t chase people down for money. With just one click, send an email to everyone who still owes you money. And when you’re ready, transfer the funds to your own account, or to a travel agent in the US or overseas. It’s as simple as that.

Organize a Group Trip

It’s never been easier to plan and organize a group trip. WeTravel is the absolute easiest way to plan your MBA trek, yoga retreat or even a destination wedding!

If you’re in that pre-planning phase and still unsure if planning a group trip is the right thing for you, then read about the 7 Tips You Need to Know Before Planning a Group Trip.

Ready to organize a group trip? Create your trip today. Need a little more info? Request a demo to see how it all works. Or watch this video that explains everything: