Part I: Ways to Survive Long-Distance

July 15, 2015
Azzura Ricci
3 min read

Relationships make up a huge part of why we travel. We at Wetravel believe that traveling with someone can deepen your relationship with them and allow you to learn more about them. We also believe that while it’s difficult, distance can make the heart grow fonder.

So we are writing on behalf of all the couples who have to face the unfortunate struggle of trying to make a long-distance relationship work. When someone hears that you’re in a long-distance relationship, the initial reaction that you get from them will be something along the lines of, “Oh wow, that often never works out,” followed by, “How is that going?” And if you have a blunt friend like we do, you’ll probably hear, “Yikes, good luck with that.” The sad reality of long-distance relationships is that they’re not really easy. And just like every relationship, they take work, time, and lots of commitment (if not, more). Here is our advice on how to make your long-distance relationship work and some easy ideas on how you can keep the flame burning.

Decide between “See you later” or “Goodbye.”

Right before takeoff, make sure you have a conversation with your partner about any future goals that you want to set. This is an essential time for you two to really sit down and talk about both your game plans during the time that you two are going to be apart. Whether you are going away for work or for college, knowing exactly what’s in store is important for both parties to understand and prepare for the future. Setting future goals in advance will really give a couple something to look forward to and a general idea of where you fit down the road.

Get down with the details.

It’s very important to inform your partner whether you plan on returning or whether they plan on eventually meeting up with you. A “go with the flow” attitude is something long-distance couples try to take on, but this will only creep up on you later when you miss each other more and more. Knowing the long-term plan will keep you two committed and it will guide both of you in achieving what you need before hitting that time.

Remove all doubt.

As we said before, there will always be people who will remind you of its difficulties, so you might want to prepare yourself for that. Remember that every relationship is different. Once you accept that, you can continue focusing on all the things that do work. Remember, “doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” So don’t let anyone or anything stop you from cultivating a relationship with someone you love.

We at Wetravel hope that this has inspired you if you’re contemplating a long-distance or already in one. We know that distance can take its toll on a relationship and we don’t believe that a long-distance relationship, like any relationship, will be a walk in the park. But we do know that if you can make a long-distance relationship work, then your relationship will be stronger than ever. You’ll both gain a better understanding of each other and create a steadfast bond.