Part II: Long-Distance Planning

July 22, 2015
Azzura Ricci
3 min read

Last week, we at Wetravel discussed the trials and tribulations of long-distance relationships, specifically ways to survive the whole thing. For this week, we’re exploring another aspect of long-distance relationships: planning. Spending time together is important for any relationship, but especially, if you’re in a long-distance one. The time that you have with one another is precious, so you’ll want to make the most out of it. One way that you can do this is by planning and thinking ahead before you meet up. So to help you with this, we’ve come up with some tips for when you’re planning to spend some quality time with your partner in crime.

Link up with another LDC (Long-Distance Couple).

You’re in a long-distance relationship, but luckily, you’re both in the same state. For example, let’s say you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and your partner lives in Los Angeles. If that’s the case, then try to come up with a rideshare plan that involves another long-distance couple. You can even share a public itinerary on our site to find someone who can carpool with you. This will also give you an opportunity to have extra moral support and to share ideas on what keeps the long-distance flame burning.

Plan or schedule something at the beginning of every month.

At the beginning of every month, think about who is traveling where and when, even if it’s just for the weekend. If you’re in school, check your syllabus and plan on traveling after a big exam or paper is due. If you’re working, plan ahead for the holidays and take turns visiting each other based on what big projects or assignments are due. Double check the dates with your supervisor to make sure you’re not scheduling something during a time that might require you to work after hours.

Meet each other halfway.

Relationships are difficult. We don’t doubt that at all. We know that they involve time and effort. And if you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can probably double that. So meeting each other halfway in the physical and metaphorical senses can make things a bit easier. Be patient and try to work with each other to make the most out of your relationship. Compromises can be important, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship. But it doesn’t really matter if you’re in different states or in the same state. Meeting in the middle encourages you to collaborate with each other and see things from your partner’s perspective, which will make your relationship even stronger in the end. Not to mention that meeting each other halfway gives you the opportunity to go on a trip and cuts the travel time for both of you in half. You’ll get to spend some quality time together and discover a new place!

We at Wetravel understand that being in a relationship can have its ups and downs, especially if you’re a long-distance couple. But we’re here to help, since we strongly believe that finding someone you love and spending time with them makes it all worth it! So come back next week for our final installment of this blog post series to get even more tips and tricks on how to strengthen your long-distance relationship .