7 of the Most Popular Yoga Articles On the Internet

September 20, 2016
Kylie West
4 min read
Popular Yoga Articles

The yoga community extends far beyond your local studio, with bloggers and organizations from around the globe radiating their passion for their practice through words of wisdom. Grab a cup of your favorite tea, get comfy, and take some time to relax and enjoy some intriguing, entertaining, and de-stressing reads, our pick of the most popular yoga articles.

popular yoga articles

7 of the Most Popular Yoga Articles On the Internet

10 Ways to Improve Your Yoga Practice

This piece was published on Wanderlust, a yoga festival company whose mission is to advocate mindful living. Wanderlust’s diverse blog presents a variety of topics, from yoga tips, to healthy eating, to their self-branded festivals (held in major cities across the U.S.). Wanderlust’s content is simple, straightforward, and helpful for beginners and experienced yogis alike. Spoiler: the most important piece of advice in this article is Step 1: “Practice with Consistency” – crucial for any practicing yogi.

popular yoga articles

How Yoga Gives You Better Sleep

Daily Cup of Yoga is truly a hub of valuable insights. Experiencing insomnia? This article presents a sad truth about today’s world: “Quality sleep has become a luxury amid our fast-paced lifestyle.” Citing various studies, the educational piece delves into a bit of the science behind how yoga helps your body achieve better rest.

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One special feature of Daily Cup of Yoga is a column on the left hand side of the page that lists the website’s inspiration, allowing you to find related blogs… just don’t get sucked too deeply into the link-clicking addiction!

popular yoga articles

10 Funny Things That Only Happen to People Who Do Yoga

Need a laugh? Look no further than this hilarious listicle. “From shoes to clothing, comfort is first priority on your fashion list”…yogis and travelers, tell us you don’t relate!

Mindbodygreen, one of the major yoga blogs, posts at least once per day, so if you need a daily fix of yogi and health-related wisdom (and of course, a dose of humor here and there!), their newsletter might be the perfect one for you.

popular yoga articles

How to Nail Your Arm Balances

What yogi doesn’t want to accomplish Eka Pada Koundinyasana I and II at some point? Many of us have yet to reach this level in our personal practice, but learning the proper methods can help us move further toward peak postures. While this particular article is geared toward the more experienced yogi, there is plenty of content for yogis of all levels on the Yoganonymous blog.

Like mindbodygreen, Yoganonymous is another major yoga and health-related blog. It tends to be a bit broader in content than other blogs, with a lifestyle section full of entertainment and music articles. If your main interests revolve around yoga, spirituality, and health, then this may be your perfect go-to blog for a daily read.

popular yoga articles

What is Pranayama Yoga?

This blog post from the Yogi Times is just a snippet of their vast archive of popular yoga articles, full of educational pieces on yoga vocabulary and tips for nailing poses. In this piece, learn about the basic types of Pranayama and the stages of breathing.

If you’re intrigued by the deeper information behind the practices of yoga and meditation, the Yogi Times is certainly worth checking out. It also showcases other lifestyle sections such as travel and fashion.

popular yoga articles

Yin Yoga to Ditch Your Fears and Find Your Calm

Curious how a particular type of yoga can help you relax? Learn from this piece about kidney chi depletion, the meridians in your body, and how yin yoga relates. And if none of what we just said makes any sense, all the more reason to read the post! The blogger tells us that “a balanced kidney chi gives us access to calmness, openness and our innate wisdom.” Scroll further down the page to view photographs of yin yoga poses that can help you set your body at ease.

Similar to the Yogi Times, Do You Yoga gets specific, featuring many popular yoga articles that are focused on particular styles of yoga and types of poses.

popular yoga articles

And last, but certainly not least:

10 Signs You Need a Yoga Retreat

Because, let’s face it, you probably could use a getaway…and how could we not include this one on the list, especially when you can join one of our yoga retreats or plan your own with us?

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