17 Reasons to Take a Group Tour For Your Next Trip

September 11, 2017
Sonja Bolger
7 min read

There are so many different types of group trips and tours to join that they really can’t be lumped into one category! Group tours and travel can sometimes have a bad name, but we think it’s undeserved, and there are plenty of reasons why you should consider taking a group tour.

If you’re thinking about your next trip and wondering whether you should take a group tour or travel solo, then we have 17 reasons to choose a group tour over planning your own trip!

Someone to show you the way

When you take a group tour there’s always someone there to show you the way. They’re able to answer all your questions, share stories and be informed about all of the places you’re travelling to. You can learn a lot from your guide and have their advice, help and guidance for the whole trip!

Reasons to take a group tour

They make the plan for you

Winging your trip is great when you have the option and the confidence, and so is planning everything in detail if that’s what you like to do. But sometimes you just wish someone would take care of all the little things for you and make the plan come together without you having to do anything but show up. A group trip is perfect for that.

Reasons to take a group tour

Go alone but not be alone

Travelling solo is a fantastic way to travel. It gets you out of your comfort zone and teaches you a lot about yourself. But it doesn’t mean that you need to avoid company and be alone all of the time. Often, travel solo is rarely solo because you meet people as you travel. However, sometimes it can be hard to meet people depending on the area you’re travelling in. Choosing a group tour means you can travel solo but also have the company of others available to you when you might otherwise be feeling lonely, like at mealtimes.

Reasons to take a group tour

Make new friends

Group travel is a great way to make friends, sometimes for life. Travelling with a tour group doesn’t mean you need to become best friends with everyone, but it is a great way to meet people and sometimes you can become friends who stay in touch even after the trip has ended.

Reasons to take a group tour


A tour company will use a tried and tested itinerary that they’ve created through research. They’ll want to show you the best of the area on your group trip but also try to fit in some hidden gems. Group trips are often criticised for having itineraries that only take in the top spots. Often this can be because of time constraints, but tour companies are not working to combat this and often they will want to take their groups to new or exciting places so that they can have a point of difference in their tour and stay relevant.

Reasons to take a group tour

A safety net

Taking a group tour can be a great safety net. It doesn’t mean everything will always be 100% perfect but it is useful to have someone to turn to if things go wrong. On the other hand, if you want to visit a place that is considered to be more dangerous, or for more expert travellers then travelling on a tour can be a great option if you’re not too confident.

Reasons to take a group tour

Travel with friends without organising anything

Group tours aren’t just for solo travellers looking to travel with others, they’re also for people who already know each other! If you want to travel with friends but no one wants to be responsible for planning the trip, sorting the money and booking everything, then taking a group tour where someone else does all of that for you is the answer.

Reasons to take a group tour


When you’re new to travelling, group tours are a great way to learn a lot more about travelling before you take the plunge and set off on your own. Planning and executing a trip can take a lot of work and there are things you don’t even think about as a new traveller. Even if you take a short group tour in a destination before exploring further on your own, it can really make a difference to your knowledge and confidence.

Reasons to take a group tour

A different perspective

People see things in different ways, and going on a group trip allows you to learn about alternative perspectives. Your group trip companions may be fascinated with or notice something that you don’t, or form different opinions based on their background and experiences. Soak it in and learn from it.

Reasons to take a group tour

Short on time

If you’re short on time then taking a group tour can be the answer to getting the most out of a destination. Using local transport can take much longer than going by organised transport on a tour, and you’ll be taken directly to the things you want to see rather than having to figure it all out for yourself. When you have limited vacation time group travel might be the best option.

Reasons to take a group tour


Travel will naturally push you out of your comfort zone, but if you’re new to it or you just want to relax a bit more than you may not want to totally get out of that comfy circle just yet. Group travel allows you to slowly stretch your comfort zone instead of throwing you right out of it. If you’re worried about how you’ll get around or how to communicate and get by when you don’t know a language, then a group tour could help you to learn that or just make it a little more comfortable for you.

Reasons to take a group tour

Group discounts

Many attractions offer group discounts which you’ll be able to take advantage of by going on a group tour. This can apply to everything from accommodation and transport to museums and adventure activities.

Reasons to take a group tour

See things you wouldn’t normally

A group tour may take you to meet a cultural or local group, see a project, or a special show you would never be able to see on your own. While group tours can be criticized for busing people from location to location, they’re not all like this. If you do your research you’ll find group tours that can actually help you to get further off the beaten path than you could on your own.

In addition, there are some places that can only be visited through a tour so if you’ll want to see them, you’ll need to travel with a group!

Reasons to take a group tour

Someone to take photos of and with

The invention of selfie sticks is a blessing and a curse. They are great for helping you take photos of yourself when you’re travelling solo, but they’re not exactly the most welcome of instruments in many places. When you’re travelling on a group tour you’ll always have people to take photos of you, plus have more people to appear in your photos and give perspective to the beauty before you!

Reasons to take a group tour

Budget in advance

Taking a group tour is a great way to organise your budget. You usually pay for the tour up front so once you’re travelling all you need to worry about are local costs, which you can ask the tour company about it advance and budget for.

Reasons to take a group tour

There are group tours to suit everyone

Whatever your travel style, you’ll find a group tour to suit you. Whether you want to see a particular destination on an adventure trip, a relaxing tour, or have a family-friendly experience, you’ll find a group tour that works for you.

Reasons to take a group tour

The cost

Group travel doesn’t always have to be expensive. Some destinations are certainly cheaper to travel alone, but in others, it can actually cheaper to be part of a group where they can book accommodation and travel for everyone at a discounted rate. Generally, cheaper destinations are cheaper on your own and more expensive destinations may be more cost effective on a tour. For example, hiring a car can be much more expensive than traveling with a group, not to mention more stressful!

Reasons to take a group tour

Wherever you’re planning to go, these reasons to take a group tour will help you to decide if it’s the right option for you. And if not this time, then it might be in future! Check out WeTravel’s trips to see if there’s something there for you.