How To Receive Payments Online For Your Sports Tour

September 18, 2019
Azzura Ricci
5 min read

As a sports tour organizer, you have your hands full with planning destinations, fixtures, accommodation, clothing, and kit, etc. for the team. Of course, none of it is possible if you can’t easily receive payments online from the tour participants as you have suppliers to pay in advance too.

It is never simply a case of receiving payments either. Organizers have to manage bookings and promote the tour to players, parents, and decision makers to ensure that sign-ups happen and a strong team is on board for the trip.

Let’s take a look at how you can accept online payments and achieve all of this as easily as possible.


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How To Receive Payments Online For Sports Tours

Some of the regular methods used to receive payments online include PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer.

However, depending on the circumstance, some are more suitable than others in certain scenarios. That is why we have outlined the best options for sports tour organizers below.

Entire team on tour

Most Accessible Options For Customers

Most people are ready to pay you, either when they are on your website, or when they have opened an email from you with an invoice. Now, a bank transfer or credit card payment is typically the easiest way to send money. So, ideally, you want these to be accessible from your site or said email.

While providing your details for a bank transfer is easy enough, to receive payments online via credit card, you need to sign up with a provider such as PayPal, Square, or Adyen to get the functionality.

Unfortunately for travel organizers, this can be a lengthy and complex sign up process with high processing fees.

Football sports tour

Methods With The Lowest Fees

As mentioned above, using international payment merchants such as Square or Adyen to provide credit card functionality can get expensive.

There are also payment wallet options like that offered by PayPal. But this, too, is expensive when transacting internationally. Sellers pay a commission based on the amount they receive, plus a flat fee, sometimes upwards of 5%.

Additionally, if you opt to receive money using this method, your sports tour participants will need their own PayPal account from which to send you funds. If they don’t have one already, they will need to set it up and get it verified before they transact, which can be inconvenient.

Local payment merchants which can integrate directly with your website will offer fees inline with local bank charges. However, they lack the ability to transact internationally.

Bank transfers are usually the most affordable way to receive payments online from local clients. But there is still the question of what to do for international transactions and how to integrate with your website.

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Those With Both International and Local Transacting Ability

Due to the nature of travel, there will be times when you either need to pay foreign suppliers or receive payments from an international bank account. While this is easy to do online in some countries, in others it is not. Foreign exchange regulations vary by location, and in some places, you have to go into a bank to receive or pay out funds.

Credit cards and international payment merchants work, but as we know, they can be expensive and difficult to enroll with.

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Options Which Include Access To A Handy Invoicing Tool

Before you receive payments online from your sports tour participants, you are going to need to send them a professional-looking bill.

PayPal offers this, and you can send an invoice out which will request funds from the recipient. Of course, this is only for use within the PayPal wallet system.

The alternative is to prepare a manual invoice or sign up for some sort of accounting software which will automate it for you.

Provide Access To An Organizational Dashboard

Organizing a sports tour is no small feat. When you are dealing with a number of participants, there are incoming and outgoing payments to keep track of along with traveler details. Short of having travel booking software, you are going to have to manage this manually.

Manage sports travel bookings manually

Our Winning Solution

What if we told you that we have a solution for everything mentioned above? You guessed it! It is our very own WeTravel platform which has been built with group travel organizers and travel companies in mind.

Sports tour organizers can easily receive payments online, both international and local, from participants who sign up. You can either embed a book now button directly on your website, create a branded booking page, or send a payment or invoice link to those interested via email.

Up to twelve payment installments can be set, and automated reminders can be scheduled to send out before their due dates.

It really couldn’t be easier for the participants to pay you either. They can select their bank or credit card to transfer funds at some of the lowest fees in the travel industry.

The platform works with multiple currencies, and there are two options for payout. Either directly to your linked bank account in one or several installments or to your international suppliers for a flat fee.

There are no monthly or setup fees, and you can easily sign up for an account. However, before you can receive payouts, you will have to provide us with standard verification documents.

Your clients do not need to undergo any verification to send you payments, and simply require an email address to set up a free account.

WeTravel’s platform can also help sports tour organizers to manage their bookings, get an overview of financials, and download reports into excel. Additionally, tour participants can upload their documents directly onto the platform, making it an ideal central management point.

To find out more about what makes our platform great, watch the short video below. Alternatively, get in touch with us via online chat on our website if you have any questions.