Retreat Leader Resources

October 16, 2017
Jen Corley
5 min read

Retreat Leaders have to juggle all sorts of different hats. They’re yoga instructors, marketing experts, trip organizers tour guides, business owners, and even more!

At WeTravel, we want to help Retreat Leaders spend their time doing what they do best and what they want to do, running an amazing and successful retreat, so we’ve put together our top retreat leader resources below. Click on the links below to be led to some of our best tips!

Table of Contents

  1. Marketing Your Programs
  2. Planning Your Retreat
  3. Choosing Your Retreat Destination
  4. Training Programs and Continuing Education
  5. Charting Your Career Path
  6. Using WeTravel
  7. Downloadable Resources

Retreat Leader Resources

1. Marketing Your Programs

Find links to the articles with tips for marketing your programs.

Marketing Resources

The Ultimate Guide For Wellness Entrepreneurs

How to Build an Email List to Market Your Yoga Business

The Best Social Media Platforms for Retreat Leaders

How to Market Your Retreat and Get More Customers

5 Ways to Bring Back Customers for Your Next Retreat

Our Top 9 Marketing Tips for Travel & Tour Businesses

How to Start Marketing Your Retreat Before You’ve Planned it

Ways to Engage with Your Customers After the Trip Ends

A Guide to Making Social Media Work for Your Yoga Business

How to Make Your Retreat Stand Out From the Crowd

5 Reasons Why Flyers are Still Important in Marketing

SEO Tips – How to Make Google Love Your Yoga Website

5 Ways to Promote Your International Yoga Retreat

5 Effective Yoga Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

5 Steps To Build A Retreat Community And Get Repeat Clients

Yoga Marketing – How to Get Google to Rank Your Yoga Site

30 Awesome Royalty Free Yoga Photos You Can Use for Free

The Difference Between PR, Marketing, and Sales For Your Retreat

3 Retreat Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

Instagram Marketing For Your Wellness Business: Four Key Questions Answered

Social Media Marketing Demystified For Your Wellness Business

Quiz: What’s Missing From Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

How To Build A Retreat Sales Strategy Through Authentic Community Engagement – With Jackie Roby

2. Planning Your Retreat

Find links to the articles with tips for planning your retreat.

Planning Resources

5 Key Elements of Planning Successful Yoga Retreats

How to Organize a Yoga Retreat

How to Know If You’re Ready to Lead Your First Yoga Retreat

Introducing the Retreat Center Directory

5 Tips for Leading a Successful Yoga Retreat

7 Things Every Successful Yoga Retreat Needs

4 Essential Steps to Planning Your Dream Yoga Retreat

How to Craft (and Market!) Unique & Transformational Retreats for Your Attendees

Questions to Ask Yourself If You Want to Sell More Trip Spaces

Why You Need to Offer Online Payments for Your Group Trips

How To Organize A Successful Meditation Retreat

5 Things To Consider Before Partnering Up With Another Retreat Leader

How to Price Your Yoga Retreat

Tips for Creating a Pricing Plan for Your Next Group Trip

Pre-Retreat Preparation Tips for Retreat Leaders

7 Steps for Creating the Best Retreat Program

What’s the Deal with Retreat Waivers? 

What You Need To Know About Retreat Legalities

8 Awesome Activities You Can Combine with Yoga Retreats

How to Plan a Yoga Retreat From a Retreat Center’s Perspective

SolSeed: Retreat Planning Made Simple

Retreat Planning: Questions You Should Ask Before Booking a Yoga Retreat Center

6 Ways To Reduce The Ecological Footprint Of Your Next Retreat

5 Key Elements Of Transformational Online Retreat Design

9 Key Considerations For Planning Your First Retreat Post-COVID

Creative Strategies To Reduce Risk & Promote Profitability In Your 2021 Retreats

Worksheet: Retreat Budget Builder Template

Retreat Budgeting: 5 Commonly Overlooked or Underestimated Costs – With Anna VanAgtmael

3. Choosing Your Retreat Destination

Find links to the articles with tips for choosing your retreat destination.

Destination Resources

Step by Step Guide to Choosing Your Next Retreat Location

Questions You Should Ask Before Booking a Retreat Center

Affordable Yoga Retreats Around the World

The Best Affordable Yoga Retreats in Mexico

Affordable Yoga Retreats in Europe

The Best Affordable Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

The Best Yoga Destinations For Every Month of the Year

Affordable Yoga Retreats in California

The Great Next Door: The Beauty of a Local Yoga Retreat in California

Why Santa Teresa Is The Next Trending Destination, With Lauren Rudick

Top 8 Places for Yoga Retreats Around the World

Yoga Retreats in the Most Vibrant Country in the World – India

California Yoga Retreats Have It All

4 Blissful Yoga Retreat Centers You Should Know About

Find Your Yoga Retreat Paradise In Costa Rica

4. Training Programs and Continuing Education

Find links to the articles with tips for selecting training programs and continuing education.

Training Resources

Best Yoga Certifications To Become A World Class Instructor

9 Questions To Consider Before You Start Your Yoga Teacher Training

Online Yoga Instructor Courses To Sharpen Your Skills

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

8 Steps to Choosing the Right Yoga Teacher Training For You

5. Charting Your Career Path

Find links to the articles with tips for charting your career path.

Career Resources

8 Steps to Building a Business Mindset as a Yoga Instructor

Top 9 Business Tips for Yoga Instructors & Retreat Leaders

Simple Ways to Improve Your Yoga Space & Business

The Most Important Things to Look For in a Payment Gateway

9 Reasons Why Blogging Benefits Your Business

Tips For Becoming A Traveling Yoga Teacher

The Business of Yoga – Tips To Build A Successful Teaching Career

20 Inspirational Yoga Teachers You Need to Follow

How To Land Your Dream Job Teaching Yoga Abroad – With Erica Hartnick

9 Things You Should Know Before You Decide to Lead a Yoga Retreat

7 Things To Teach Your Students To Do Outside Of The Yoga Studio

6 Step Guide To Take Your Wellness Offering Online

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion In Your Retreat Offerings

Legal Considerations For Teaching Beyond The Studio – With Cory Sterling

6. Using WeTravel

Find links to the articles with tips for using WeTravel.

WeTravel Resources

What You Need to Know About WeTravel’s Payment Platform Pricing

How to Embed my WeTravel Trip in my Weebly Site

How to Embed my WeTravel Trip in my Wix Site

How to Embed my WeTravel Trip in my Squarespace Site

How to Embed my WeTravel Trip in my WordPress Site

How to Add a “Book Now” Button for Your WeTravel Trip on Your Website

WeTravel Launches a Discount Codes Option

How To Use The WeTravel Card To Boost Your Vendor Relationships

A Better Way To Pay Your Partners

7. Downloadable Resources

Links to all of our downloadable resources for retreat leaders.

Downloadable Resources For Retreat Leaders

E-book: 5 Key Elements Of Planning Successful Retreats

E-book: Built to Thrive — The Wellness Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide to Growing A Business Online

E-book: Social Media Marketing Guide

Course: 8 Day Retreat Planning Video Series

Quiz: What’s Missing From Your Marketing Strategy?

Checklist: Questions To Ask When Considering Retreat Facilities

Checklist: COVID-19 Considerations For Retreat Planning

Worksheet: Retreat Budget Builder Template

You can keep up to date with our latest Free Resources for Retreat Leaders by bookmarking this page!