Learn How to Share Yoga With Others on a Healing Retreat

May 24, 2016
Eva Casey
2 min read
Yoga Teacher Training

So you’ve been practicing yoga for a number of years, and you’ve decided that you would love to be able to share yoga with others? Or perhaps you just want to delve even deeper into your practice and learn about the philosophy behind this ancient healing modality?

Sure, you could get certified at your regular yoga studio. It’s a great way to foster a community where you live. However, yoga teacher training is special, and what more appropriate a way to mark your transition than by gaining your certificate in a memorable location?

share yoga with others

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By stepping out of your comfort zone and immersing yourself fully in your yoga teacher training, you will gain a new and deeper perspective on the teachings you take in. Clearing away the responsibilities of daily life to make room for this powerful new information can be a transformational experience.

Not only will you gain an intimate knowledge of yoga, you will also form close friendships with your fellow students. The relationships you form during your yoga teacher training will be foundational to your yogic journey. You will have a built-in community of fellow teachers to support you as you embark on your teaching career.

share yoga with others

Will you learn how to teach yoga in the mountains of California, the remote jungle of Bali, or in an Ashram in India? No matter where you decide upon, at the end of your retreat you’ll have reaped all the benefits that go along with taking time for yourself. When you are teaching your own yoga class, you can bring those lessons to all of the students you teach.