SolSeed: Retreat Planning Made Simple

July 22, 2017
Sonja Bolger
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Kristin Khederian has several passions in life, but the biggest two are travel and yoga. Luckily, she’s found a way to combine those passions with a business that’s benefitting yoga retreat leaders, attendees, and communities all over the world.

With a degree in business marketing and international studies in hand, plus a love of fitness, Kristin started out in the wellness world as a studio manager for yoga and pilates studios. Two years later after a break to travel in Nicaragua, Kristin decided it was time to pursue her own yoga teacher training, which easily led to her own business teaching yoga while also engaging in freelance online marketing work for wellness industry businesses.

What Are The Key Elements of Planning Successful Retreats?

Timeline planning Selecting your venue  Itinerary & program design  Sustainability considerations  Marketing  Financials & profitability  Legal forms & liabilities  Insurance

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By 2014, Kristin had led her first international retreat to Nicaragua, a place that felt like a second home, and she was hooked on retreat leading. Three years and many successful adventure and wellness retreats later, Kristin has become an expert in the field of retreat leading, with extensive knowledge of how to plan, price, and market retreats, and make them an enjoyable experience for both retreat leaders and attendees.

SolSeed WeTravel Retreat Planning

Kristin had dreamed of teaching yoga and traveling the world full-time but wasn’t sure of how to make that a reality until recently, when she started gaining interest from other yoga teachers, asking her to help them execute their own successful retreats. This sparked the idea for a business that would allow her to do just that.

In January 2017 SolSeed Retreats was born – a service geared towards fitness instructors offering complete planning and execution of yoga and wellness retreats. SolSeed Retreats takes the “dirty work” out of retreat planning and allows their instructors to focus on their passion for teaching and holding space while on retreat, instead of worrying about the logistical details. SolSeed Retreats is unique in that rather than working as a mass retreat marketer, they focus on making the instructor a highly successful and profitable retreat leader.

With a proven track record of successful retreats held in exotic and off the beaten track locations, Kristin knows exactly what to do to help other instructors realise their dreams of leading a wellness retreat, adding to their annual income, and giving them the opportunity to explore amazing destinations while forming lasting bonds with students.

SolSeed WeTravel Retreat Planning

SolSeed takes care of all the tedious details that are a part of retreat planning. All the retreat leader needs to do is spread the word to their network of students, and then do what they love – teach! And that’s where WeTravel comes in. With the ability to create trips that look great online and can easily be shared, SolSeed has found marketing and organizing their retreats through WeTravel simple and straightforward.

“WeTravel has been amazing to work with! I love how easy it is to list all of my retreats through the WeTravel platform.”

Planning multiple retreats with different teachers all around the world is no easy feat, but Kristin has taken to the challenge and found ways to make it work for SolSeed, their instructors, and the retreat attendees.

“It has helped me to optimize payment and information collection, and correspondence with retreat participants, which is essential for continuing to grow and expand SolSeed Retreats. I’m excited about this partnership, and to continue to work with WeTravel for a long time to come!”

Kristin’s enthusiasm for yoga, travel, and helping others to achieve their dreams is apparent in everything she does, and she has grand plans ahead for SolSeed. She aims to build a global team of teachers who lead successful SolSeed Retreats year after year, in an ever expanding array of unique retreat locations. In addition to having led or organized retreats in locations like Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Portugal, and the Dominican Republic, Kristin has her eyes on Morocco and Columbia for 2018.

SolSeed WeTravel Retreat Planning

With the goal of traveling, exploring, and giving back to the communities where retreats are held, SolSeed is sure to be a successful venture for years to come. If you’re interested in attending a SolSeed Retreat, there is limited space on unique trips to the Azores and Guatemala in the coming year so make sure you click here to view available retreats.

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