How To Use Special Offers To Succeed On TripAdvisor

September 11, 2018
Azzura Ricci
5 min read

People are always on the look-out for a good deal when making their travel arrangements. Whether it is breakfast included in an accommodation booking, a free airport pick-up, or earning loyalty points that can be redeemed against future bookings, special offers attract interest.

Review site TripAdvisor agrees with this sentiment, and if you have an accommodation listing hosted by them, then you may have seen the Special Offers search filter in the navigation pane and wondered how to use it to promote your listing on TripAdvisor.

What the TripAdvisor Special Offers search filter essentially does is increase your accommodation’s chance of converting searches into sales by highlighting added value incentives that are redeemable when a person secures a reservation at your establishment.

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Where Special Offers Appear On TripAdvisor

Let’s start by taking a look at where Special Offers appear on TripAdvisor. They appear in twenty-eight languages across TripAdvisor’s forty-nine sites, on your travel property listing page, and in location search results.

The search filter is on the left-hand side of the navigation, and there is an additional placement on the accommodation listing’s information card.

TripAdvisor Special Offers

When a user hovers their mouse over the Special Offer text, a short synopsis of the listing’s particular offering appears. Clicking on the offer will take the user to the advertiser’s website where they can make a booking.

TripAdvisor Special Offers

How To Set Up TripAdvisor Special Offers On A Company’s Listing

You can add and manage all of your TripAdvisor Special Offers by logging into your property’s Management Centre. Once logged in you can post new Special Offers or re-activate any of your past Special Offers.

The Special Offers then need to be classified under one of the stipulated categories. Categories include Room Rate, Food & Beverage, Local Offers, and Packages. Each category also has various sub-categories with more specific fields under it which you can select to further define the offer.

Next, you will need to fill in all the details pertaining to your TripAdvisor Special Offers. This includes a detailed description of the offers, how a person can redeem them, any exclusions or block-out dates, as well as any other relevant terms and conditions.

Insider tip: Assign a promotional code to each of your Special Offers to help you keep track of how they perform and use the subsequent insights to improve the performance of future offers.

Use an eye-catching headline that will grab people’s interest and encourage them to click through to your accommodation listing. TripAdvisor also recommends using an image on the Special Offer coupon to increase the click-through rate.

Once all of the information is loaded you can then preview and post your Special Offers to TripAdvisor. Do not limit your offer to TripAdvisor, for maximum visibility share it on your other social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to generate business for your establishment.

Examples Of Special Offers On TripAdvisor

Running promotions to make your accommodation listing stand out from the rest can mean the difference between selling rooms or standing empty. Take some inspiration from these examples we found on TripAdvisor to craft some Special Offers of your own that will add value to your travel brand.

Freebies And Perks

We already know that travelers are often on the lookout for great deals or value adds when searching for accommodation online. Adding in freebies or perks to room rates will encourage potential clients to book your accommodation. Complimentary Breakfasts, Free WiFi, and free parking are always very popular choices.

TripAdvisor Special Offers

Package Deals

Put together great value packages that will make your guests feel like they are getting the most bang for their buck. Combine discounts, perks, and free amenities to make an offer that will leave guests feeling rewarded.

TripAdvisor Special Offers

Discounts That Offer More For Less

Travelers often look out for discounts on longer stays. Take a look at the average number of nights guests usually spend with you, and then offer an extra night either free or at a discounted price. This will encourage people to book longer stays without taking away from your sales.

TripAdvisor Special Offers

Loyalty Programmes

Reward your loyalty programme members with Special Offers that give them double or extra points when they book their accommodation at your establishment and let them know that the points can be redeemed the next time they make a booking with you. This a great way to encourage loyalty and incentivize them to return to your establishment for their next stay.

TripAdvisor Special Offers

Cater For The Season

Take a look at how far ahead on average travelers book their stay at your accommodation. If it is a few weeks in advance then considering putting out some Early Bird Specials to promote bookings prior to the season.

The same concept applies if you would like to sell rooms that would otherwise stand empty offseason, in winter months, or during weekdays. Run last-minute Winter TripAdvisor Special Offers to promote your accommodation and get more guests in.

Keep a tab on any major upcoming fixtures such as any sporting events, music concerts, or expo’s, for example, that may be happening in your neighborhood. Use this to your advantage and post some relevant Special Offers to encourage bookings over this period as people will be searching for nearby accommodation to stay in prior to and over the duration of the event.

TripAdvisor Special Offers


To get the most out of TripAdvisor Special Offers, think outside of the box and offer your guests something of great value. Ultimately this is what they are after and is what will set your accommodation apart from the rest. Keep your Special Offers running regularly to encourage bookings and promote the offers across all of your social media platforms for maximum visibility.

Lastly, do not forget that TripAdvisor is the ultimate review site. So be sure to wow your guests with great service that will lead to positive reviews for your accommodation listing. Engage with your customers after their trip and ask them to post a review of their experience on TripAdvisor to build up your online presence.