The Yoga Pose That Brings Women To Tears

December 10, 2015
Christina Nguyen
3 min read
The Yoga Pose That Brings Women To Tears

You may not be aware of it yet, but within the practice of yoga, it is common for certain poses to trigger emotions enough to bring people to tears. The most tear-triggering yoga pose we’ve found was…

The Happy Baby yoga pose

The Happy Baby yoga Pose is a hip opening stretch that can surface emotions in you. Image Source

As a cardio, high-intensity lover, I am not a regular yogini. Many people who are not as avid in the practice either think just like I did: “it’s just stretching right?”  I was taken by complete surprise when I found myself in a comfortable position and tears were streaming down my face. I was being guided through some hip-opening stretches, and once both feet were in the air in each hand, I felt a wave of emotions. I was in no pain by any means, nor pushed beyond my flexibility. The succession of poses simply liberated me to be crying effortlessly, letting go of pent up anxiety and sadness. My instructor talked me through the poses, telling me that frequently women cry during these hip-opening stretches because we carry so much weight-physical and emotional- in this area. Feeling like I was doing so much good to the overall wellness of myself, I had to do more research about it immediately.

Learn step-by-step how to do The Happy Baby yoga pose and release your sadness. Image Source

The Happy Baby yoga pose is popular, especially among women, because the stretch opens up the hips.  A great deal of stress and tension is concentrated in the hip area as it carries much of the body’s weight and is the body’s center of gravity. There are wonderful resources out there that discuss the theory of the connection between our emotions and where they are suppressed physically within the body. It makes sense why so many people have changed their lives for the better after finding yoga. Things like exercise, eating well, and experiences have been proven to improve happiness in people

It’s not just this yoga pose that can help you release some feelings you may not realize you are bottling up. Many stretches that focus attention on the hips can trigger this feeling. If you are interested in getting more out of your exercise routine, perhaps more yoga should be incorporated. There are a few great yoga retreats coming up for this year with experienced instructors who can teach you so much more. Find what brings you happiness: whether it’s through travel, hobbies, or exercise.

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