The Most Important Things to Consider when Organizing Group Trips

February 11, 2018
Keri Pfeiffer
5 min read

If you’ve ever been the designated group trip planner for your friends, classmates, or family, you probably know the endless amount of time it takes for such organizing.

But fear not, because WeTravel can save you time by helping you create an itinerary for your group trip. And for those of you who are new to this whole organizing group trips thing, we’ve also got you covered!

Here’s a list of things to consider when planning your next trip!

Organize Group Trips

Considerations For Organizing Group Trips

A Place to Stay

When planning a group tour, the first and foremost thing to consider should be ensuring a comfortable place to stay for your fellow travelers. Consider the number of travelers in your group that you plan on accommodating and book a place in advance for the best deals.

If you prefer cheaper deals, booking offseason is probably your best bet, but be aware that there might be harsher weather conditions during the offseason, depending on where you go. Finding a place to stay is the most important step to take before inviting your group to book their flights!

Where to Eat

The biggest pain point of how to plan a trip for a large group is finding a place that will accommodate your group for a meal in advance. To save yourself the hassle of booking reservations that are sometimes not readily available, pick places that allow the customers to order at the front counter.

That way, you can find a place to sit together in the back or you can break up the group and offer them the freedom to sit with whomever they want.

Organize Group Trips


This depends on where your destination is, but transportation is (almost) everywhere! If you have a group of 4-6 people, offering a mini taxi van is a great option for taking your travelers where they need to be.

For larger parties, renting a limo or bus will most likely save the group more money in the end. If you’re in a well-connected city, you may be able to consider taking public transport as a group.

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Walking or Bus Tours

Walking tours are a great way to stay active while on vacation, and a great activity for group trips. Just don’t forget to bring your camera because nothing beats a guided walking tour that offers great photo taking opportunities!

Depending on the age group, sometimes opting for a bus tour is better than taking on a walking tour due to the physical exertion required.

Bus tours are a great way to relax, sit back, take in great sites, and enjoy the ride. Consider the needs of the people attending when you’re planning group travel.

Organize Group Trips


For those of you looking to escape the cold, a relaxing beach destination during the “off-season” could be a great opportunity to keep your marvelous tan year-round and a helpful way for you to save some money on travel.

If you plan on escaping the heat, having an off-season adventure will give you more bang for your buck.

There are a plethora of locations around the world that have “on and off-season” deals, so you can decide which one suits you and the group the most when you’re planning the trip.

Things to Do

Staying Active

  • There are lots of activities offered for large groups in every city, country, and destination. For example, sports activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing, always allow for large groups to book spaces that accommodate large parties. They’re great additions for any group travel itinerary. Just make sure you bring your waterproof camera or purchase a waterproof bag to prevent any unwanted accidents during your trip.


  • Nothing beats laying out a beach towel, kicking off your sandals and soaking in the sun at a nearby beach. The best thing about bumming out and catching some rays is that it is entirely free wherever you go, and it’s a great group travel activity, since everyone can then do what they like!


  • If you’re a group staying outside the city, ask your host if they offer rides from the resort to enjoy the exciting nightlife in the city. A local could offer you transportation that will take you straight into the city.

Organize Group Trips



  • Art museums are more appreciated when you’ve done research in advance through the internet or programs. Not doing your research in advance might cause you to miss some things, like a close up of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. If you’re curious about what each museum has to offer, check out their information desk for a proper run through. Many art museums offer group tours and a brief history of the artists and paintings for those who crave culture and facts.


  • Many people yawn at the thought of visiting a historical museum but think about how knowledge is power. By learning about different historical events, you figure out how events in the past are essential to understanding the present and guiding our future. You can always have optional group activities like this, so that people on the trip can decide whether to attend or not.


  • If you are curious and want to visit some old ruins, try going to a historical site to get a greater sense of the culture’s history. These sites will highlight cultural roots, which will definitely wow you and lead you to learn more about the lives of past peoples. They’re also a great group trip activity since people can wander at their own pace, or you can organize a group tour.

Organize Group Trips

These are just a few of the most important things to consider when you’re a group trip planner! You can check out more of our tips for planning a group trip, and learn about why you should consider organizing online payments for your next group trip!