Thriving in Change: How COVID Empowered EdOdyssey & The Travel Industry

December 8, 2020
< 1 min read

In this 40 min (w/ 10 mins for Q&A) webinar, Peter McGovern from EdOdyssey (  will be sharing how his organization pivoted to survive and thrive during the pandemic despite the countless challenges in the travel/education/study abroad industry.

Peter will talk about EdOdyssey’s process of building better programs that helped lead them to success (pre-covid) and then transition to how they leveraged this approach/mindset into creating meaningful passport-free (online) programs during Covid. In their pivot, they not only identified opportunities for them NOW but with a long-term vision that includes a bridge back to student mobility as well.

Topics discussed

  • How EdOdyssey leveraged their proven processes and past success to pivot forward
  • About EdOdyssey’s approach and process to pivoting and expanding (mission/vision/value-alignment, planning, process, resources, strategy)
  • Recommendations for travel/education/study abroad industry

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