Tourism Cares And The Meaningful Travel Map Of North America

May 9, 2022
Johannes Koeppel
5 min read

Tourism Cares is a non-profit focused on the long-term sustainability of the travel industry. Recently, the organization introduced an innovative map called the Meaningful Travel Map of North America. It’s a resource to help travel companies make a greater social, environmental, and economic impact through the tours and trips that they offer.

The map helps travel companies find partners that empower communities and destinations, make a positive environmental impact, and advance sustainable travel. In a world where meaningful travel has become increasingly important, this map is a change for good.

Since its inception, Tourism Cares has been known for bringing the most prominent names and companies in the travel industry together and mobilizing them to create change. What started with relief and revitalization volunteer efforts have since grown. Today, it’s about involvement and investment in social and environmental impact organizations that provide real and sustainable change, and many direct economic benefits, for communities worldwide.

Why WeTravel Has Elected To Collaborate With Tourism Cares 

As a business, WeTravel believes in empowering everyone to lead the best trip ever. We believe that we’re in the business of helping businesses Be Better (in all areas), and this aligns with our values and mission – we’re supporting tourism’s responsible rebound.

Simply put, Tourism Cares shares this vision. Forming a brand collaboration with them was an easy decision.

Tourism Cares’ unique position connects the travel and tourism industry across all sectors, in companies large and small, allowing every person and organization to find their place in the sustainable tourism space. 

This is an industry that centers its strategies for growth around meaningful travel to create opportunities, empower communities, and protect our planet, ensuring the future of travel and tourism and generating the most positive global impacts.

This embodies the WeTravel spirit and our constant drive to leave a positive impact on the travel industry.

What is the Meaningful Travel Map?

The Meaningful Travel Map of North America is a product development tool for travel professionals. The map was created in response to the increasing demand for authentic and sustainable travel experiences.

Travel businesses can use the map to find sustainable partners and connect with a range of social and environmental impact ventures and opportunities. It displays businesses, non-profits, and social enterprises around the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Each of the organizations displayed offers unique, hands-on cultural experiences, products, and services available to travelers.

Travel businesses can add these unique offers to their tours and itineraries to improve their environmental and social responsibility. The map is an easy way for travel companies to discover ways to have a positive impact on the people and places they offer travel services.

Tourism Cares

How Can Travel Businesses Use the Meaningful Travel Map?

Travel companies can use the Meaningful Travel Map to improve what they offer in their tour packages. With the map, these kinds of organizations can find partners and experiences that offer more to their clients.

For example, you could use the map to discover restaurants that offer great local cuisine and training programs for at-risk youth. You could also look for recreational experiences that prioritize accessibility and inclusion in their business.

In general, the map allows companies to discover unique and authentic travel experiences and products to add to their itineraries. It also allows these organizations to learn more about these experiences and products up-front, and find partners who fit in with their itineraries.

Who Uses the Meaningful Travel Map?

The meaningful Travel Map is primarily designed for travel buyers, tour operators, and travel advisors working in North America. The map is a travel and tourism industry exclusive, acting as a helpful resource for all kinds of travel companies.

At the same time, the map can also be used by suppliers. This includes hotels, transport companies, attractions, and trade media. These types of organizations can use the map to form strategic business partnerships and find more local businesses to include in their supply chains.

Anyone planning North American travel agendas and vacations can use the map to guide and plan their itineraries.

Why is the Meaningful Travel Map Unique? 

Tourism Cares

There are many online travel sites available to help travelers plan their trips. So what makes the Meaningful Travel Map different?

First, the map is specifically designed for travel professionals. It’s not just a resource for travelers looking to plan their trips; instead, it’s an insightful database that businesses can use to create valuable partnerships and better plan their itineraries.

As a tool, the map is user-friendly and interactive. It’s not just a list of companies and experiences, but it offers a smart way for travel companies to navigate and discover organizations within certain areas.

The Meaningful Travel Map is not just a planning tool though, it’s also designed to change the model of tourism. The map includes organizations that are directly benefiting the environment and local communities. The map creates an environment where historically excluded individuals can participate and be supported by the travel and tourism industry.

This means the map is so much more than just a reference of places to visit and experiences to join. It’s a resource for organizations and places that are driving real change and making an impact on the people and places of travel.

Why Get On the Meaningful Travel Map? 

Tourism Cares

As an organization that offers travel experiences, there are a few important benefits to being included on the Meaningful Travel Map. This includes:

  • Accessing Tourism Cares’ large membership base of over 160 travel, tourism, and hospitality companies and destinations
  • Gaining exposure to major tour operator brands and travel advisor consortia
  • Pins on the map are highlighted and sent out to Tourism Cares’ community and large subscriber network
  • Businesses on the map are promoted at industry association conferences
  • Site stories are shared amongst Tourism Cares’ media partners
  • Tourism Cares’ highlights the map pins on their large social media network
  • Destinations on the map offer immediate booking abilities, with direct links to their  websites

As a travel company looking to partner up with these organizations and experiences, the map makes the process very easy. Not only this, but the partners you access through the map have this promotion behind them – which helps add more value to your clients.

Using the Meaningful Travel Map

All tour operators and travel advisors are encouraged to use the map to discover and explore non-profits, social enterprises, and any community-led organizations to be added to travel itineraries.

This is all done in an effort for these companies to achieve and offer more meaningful travel experiences. Meaningful and sustainable travel has become especially important amongst today’s travelers, who are looking for experiences that offer more.

By using a resource like the Meaningful Travel Map, travel companies can add unique experiences that offer a competitive advantage over other travel companies, and attract travelers looking to make a greater social impact with their journeys.


Tourism Cares is an initiative that all tour operators and travel advisors should be aware of. If you’re looking to provide more unique experiences to your travel itinerary while boosting social responsibility in your travel offering, then the Meaningful Travel Map is an excellent resource.

It’s easy to use and can help businesses connect with experiences and organizations that add a whole new level of value to their itineraries.