TRANSEUROPA Festival 2015 – Hitchhiking Challenge

September 9, 2015
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We at Wetravel are all about finding you the best tips and trips possible. And this week, we’re highlighting an upcoming event that’s guaranteed to be quite an adventure. We’re talking about the TRANSEUROPA Festival 2015.

The TRANSEUROPA Festival is an exciting opportunity for anyone, who is looking to explore and learn more about Europe and its diverse cultures.  Although the flagship event traditionally takes place simultaneously in different cities across Europe, the TRANSEUROPA Festival and the bulk of this year’s events will take place in Belgrade. According to one of the festival organizers, Eeva, the city of Belgrade in Serbia was chosen “to underscore the fact that Europe is much bigger both geographically and conceptually than the European Union.” The event focuses on the need to dismantle borders that separate people not only from one another, but also from safety and opportunities.
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We asked Eeva about the origins of and the inspiration behind this event, specifically the hitchhiking challenge. Eeva told us that one of the most active members in Berlin is an avid hitchhiker, so she suggested that the festival ask attendees to hitchhike to Belgrade. The festival loved this idea so much that they decided to create this challenge! Not only does it enable people to attend on a shoestring, but the hitchhiking challenge is also a transnational action. This experience has the power to show just how different freedom of movement within the EU and across our borders is for different people. Eeva noted that since launching the hitchhiking mobility challenge, Serbia has become the route of choice for those fleeing war and seeking safety in Europe. This brings added meaning to the festival’s choice of Belgrade and their chosen means of travel – hitchhiking.

We at Wetravel think that this is an amazing opportunity to not only learn about the diversity of Europe and the current issues that it faces, but to also support a movement that encourages us to think about borders and how we are both connected and divided in this world. If you want to meet new people and build transcultural relationships that go beyond borders, we highly suggest that you check out the Hitchhiking Challenge of the TRANSEUROPA Festival. 

Image source: TRANSEUROPA Festival 2015
Image source: TRANSEUROPA Festival 2015

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Featured Image Source: TRANSEUROPA Festival 2015