20 Epic Travel Agency Marketing Images On Pinterest

December 26, 2018
Azzura Ricci
5 min read

We all know Pinterest as one of our favorite social media bookmarking platforms. It is a place where people go to find inspiration and plan for their latest home projects, holidays, recipes, crafts, DIY, etc.

Essentially, the images (which are known as pins) that people save to their profile boards are a reflection of something that has caught their eye. Saving (or pinning) content usually signifies that it is relevant to the person and they wish to replicate it in some way.

Hootsuite compiled some interesting statistics for marketers that elaborate on this idea. According to the stats from their study, 93% of users browse Pinterest to plan purchases. Furthermore, 87% indicated that Pinterest has helped them to decide what to purchase.

Therefore, getting travel images on Pinterest to go viral so that they are widely shared presents opportunities for travel agencies to showcase their products to an audience motivated to purchase.

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What Makes Travel Images On Pinterest Work Well And Go Viral

Not surprisingly, your content is the key to generating interest in your travel products which drives traffic to your website. As a result, having epic travel images for marketing on Pinterest is a must.

Think of your pinned images as book covers that encase the details of the rest of your travel product. The book covers must be eye-catching enough so that people browsing notice yours and pick it up for a better look.

With this in mind, we take a look at twenty images from various Travel Agencies Pinterest profiles and highlight how the epic photos encourage travelers to click all the way through to the website.

Use Compelling Photos

Pinterest is the platform for discovery, so use your photos to create something new for travelers to discover. Also, make sure that they are captivating and stand out from the millions of others on the platform.

These four marketing images belong to Skyscanner’s ‘Where To Go In…’ series of pins. They are interesting as they give travelers destination options for every month of the year and use photos that are iconic enough to give you an idea of the destination before you click through.

Skyscanner Travel Images On Pinterest

With more than 189,000 monthly views and over 3,100 followers, these guys are getting their name out there.

Research Popular Categories

Place your photos either under your own popular categories, or research the latest travel trends in your niche and create categories to market your content accordingly.

Europe has always been a popular destination for travelers, however, trends show that focus is moving away from the traditional destinations such as Paris and London, and branching out to lesser-known destinations such as Croatia, Belarus, and Iceland.

Take a look at these four marketing photos from Intrepid Travel who has a following of nearly 14,000 people and monthly views of more than 263,000. The photos highlight destinations and lesser known tracks in Europe where travelers can escape the madding crowds. They also incorporate natural landscapes to showcase the open space and freedom these places promise.

And Display On Relevant Boards

You can name and categorize your boards how you see fit. Categorizing them appropriately will ensure that your images are easily found on the platform.

Try Out Text Overlays

Text overlays add context to travel images on Pinterest by providing information that is not obvious from merely looking at the picture. Essentially overlays help to narrow down the guesswork that travelers have to do when searching for inspiration.

Popular travel bloggers yTravel Blog have a following and monthly viewership of over 4 million people on the platform. They regularly use text overlays and we show a sample of this in the four marketing images below. Text overlays are helpful for determining where a click-through will take you, and gives the photos an authoritative travel guide feel.

YTravel Blog Travel Images On Pinterest

Size Your Images Optimally

According to Pinterest the best pins are 600px wide x 900px high; that is to say a 2:3 aspect ratio. Furthermore, due to the setup, the optimal way to display your travel images on Pinterest is by using portrait orientation.

It is not to say you can’t use a landscape display, but boards have a maximum allowed width that lends to the visual appeal of the platform and would restrict any landscape image sizes.

Incorporate Your Branding

As you can see from these four marketing images on Carnival Cruise Line’s profile, using branding helps travelers to identify a business. With 3.5 million monthly views and nearly 46,500 followers, the cruise line is well known and recognizable.

Carnival Cruise Lines Travel Images On Pinterest

Travelers trust brands that they recognize, so inserting your logo onto your content may help you to market your product better.

Write Up Descriptions For Your Images

Write short descriptions on each of your travel images on Pinterest to help people envision your ideas better. Providing a bit of context around your content will help to secure their interest.

Provide Tips Or Advice

Create pins that lead travelers to content which provides them with useful and credible travel tips, advice, or guides to encourage engagement with your pins. Travelers on the path to discovery will benefit from the information and are likely to spend more time on your website if they have engaging content to view.

The Blonde Abroad has just over 77,000 followers and 3.8 million monthly views. She regularly offers travel guides and tips on her profile, and we can see that these four marketing images are great quality and add a personal touch.

The Blonde Abroad Travel Images On Pinterest

Use Analytics For Your Pinterest Travel Agency Profile

The social media platform has its own analytics tool that monitors how content performs on the platform. Use it to see how travelers engage with your content and how well pins perform. These useful insights will help you to shape and refine your profile accordingly.


With our handy tips in mind, you now have an idea of how to create content that directs travelers to your website. Remember that at the end of the day, your travel images on Pinterest need to do the talking and encourage travelers to share and engage with your content.

If you are looking for more information on how to use Pinterest for travel companies, then browse our free resources for insights you might find useful.