12 Travel Blog Post Ideas For Your Company To Sell More Tours

March 25, 2019
Azzura Ricci
5 min read

Looking for some fresh travel blog post ideas to update the content on your website? As you know, consistently adding to your blog is an important part of marketing your travel business.

It can generate click-throughs to your website from social media platforms, which in turn can help to increase sales as well as help build your brand image through the sharing of thought-inspiring content.

With frequent posting being the order of the day though, new topics can be hard to come by. We have put together a few ideas to help you get over your writer’s block and get creating.


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Travel Blog Post Ideas To Sell Your Tours

  1. Brainstorm With Google

Google has this handy habit of predicting what you are going to say. Some might call it finishing your sentences, we call it a helping hand.

Google the particular tour post that you would like to promote and sell, and see what the search engine suggestions are that pop-up. As an example, if you host meditation retreats, then type in the term to see if any inspiration jumps out from the search results.

  1. Create A Blog Post To Answer Your Clients Questions

If you pick up that your clients keep asking a certain question related to either your business or your tour, then an idea to satisfy their curiosity and solve your writer’s block would be to create a blog post to address the topic.

Travel blog post ideas answering client questions

  1. Provide Inspiration Lists

Travel is about discovery, and travelers are always on the lookout for their next bit of inspiration. You can provide it to them in an article by creating a list that will capture their interest.

Travel blog post ideas here could include something along the lines of Best Southern African Destinations For Solo Female Travelers, or Top Activities For The Family In Thailand.

  1. Setup A Poll Then Incorporate Answers Into A Post

Setup a poll and ask your clients to answer an interesting question related to your travel business or tour. Let them know outright that you intend to create and publish a blog post using their responses.

From there, take the answers and structure them into a piece of content that you can publish to your blog. An example could be to ask people what unusual things they learned about on your Paris City Lights Tour and then structure an interesting post quoting their answers in it.

  1. Showcase Your Travel Tour Offering

As a tour provider, your travel product focuses on a destination, a service offered, and the guide who leads the clients on their experience. Between the three elements, you can use these to come up with a few blog topics to write about.

Examples could include tips from the tour guide, or explore the destination providing your readers with the unique inside knowledge you have of it.

Woman reading blog post

  1. Enlighten Travelers Through “How To” Posts

Travelers are on the path to discovery, and often this means that they don’t know everything there is to know about a certain destination or tour.

Provide them with insight that gets rid of some of the guesswork, and establish your tour operator business as an authority on a matter through a “How To” article. This could be How To Tip In South Africa, or How To Dress In Morocco as examples.

  1. Create A Shareable Infographic

A great infographic gets a lot of screen time. This is because it simplifies a seemingly complex concept and relays it in a simple and sometimes humorous way that travelers can relate to.

Find some interesting statistics or information that you can tie into your travel business, and create a shareable infographic that will entertain your readers. Inspiration for this could be Popular Countries For Female Travelers To Visit and lay the information out on a world map with quirky annotations.

  1. Write A Checklist Blog Post

Again, a checklist helps to put you in a position of authority on the topic you choose to blog on. Identify something that travelers may be uncertain of, and help to guide them in the right direction through your blog post. As an example, 7 Things Your Travel Insurance Policy Should Cover.

Checklist blog post

  1. Leverage User Generated Content

If you are running short on travel blog post ideas, then why not incorporate some user generated content from your happy clients. This sort of media coverage has proven to be very beneficial to marketing efforts as travelers trust peer reviews, and your clients will appreciate the recognition.

Keep an eye out for any tags that your travel business is included in, and where suitable, share the content on your own blog (with permission).

For example, a traveler may write up a blog post of their experience on your tour and mention/tag your business in it. Ask them if you can share their article on your website or social media platforms – you will have one less topic to brainstorm, plus the word of mouth marketing will be great for your brand image.

  1. Post A Series Of Related Articles

The idea here is to break an article up into a series that you post over a couple of days or weeks. Not only will this allow you to go into great depth on the topic (something which will be valuable to your readers) but you will also have your inspiration lined up for the next few blog posts to be published.

Travel blog post ideas here could be to write on Three Weeks In Bali: Yoga Teacher Training Week One, then follow that up with Three Weeks In Bali: Yoga Teacher Training Week Two. Obviously end the series off with Three Weeks In Bali: Yoga Teacher Training Week Three.

Blog post series

  1. Use Video

Video is a highly effective marketing medium for your tour operator business. To market your tours, create a video and a write up that you can share in a blog post. An idea would be to get your guide to video a typical day on tour, and then use this along with a write up as content to share.

People respond well to video as it provides a more interactive and immersive experience for the viewer. Once travelers get a visual of your tour, this can spark interest and lead to bookings shooting up!

  1. Meet The Team

When the quality of a travel experience relies partly on the tour guide or leader who hosts it, it is beneficial to give travelers some insight into the person who will be leading their tour. This will help to assure them that they are in great hands and can expect the best experience.

Travel blog post ideas here could be to interview your tour guides and ask them questions such as what they enjoy most about leading guests, or what is their favorite thing about the destination of the tour etc.

Meet the team blog post


Now that you have a bit of inspiration for your next few blog posts, happy writing!

Remember that these travel blog post ideas and topics can be tweaked to accommodate your particular tour operator business. At the end of the day, your readers are looking for a value add to their lives and sharing your amazing content with them is just one way to do that.