Steps To Create A Travel Feedback Form (incl. templates)

September 21, 2021
Lucas Ennis
5 min read

Want to know how your clients feel about your travel product or business? A feedback form allows you to take stock of brand sentiment and gauge whether you are meeting travelers’ expectations and needs. 

As tourism opens up and we begin to navigate travel emerging from COVID, many industry operators are updating their products and offerings. It will be critical to get a pulse on how your clients respond to these changes to ensure you’re meeting the market where it’s at. 

Below, we’ve included some insights on why it’s essential to collect feedback for your travel business and how to do it. We’ve also sourced and included some feedback form templates that you can customize and download to suit your needs.

Why Is It Important To Get Feedback From Your Clients?

Asking your clients to fill out a feedback form can bring helpful knowledge to light. Especially now, while the travel industry adapts to emerge safer and improved, there is a tonne of the unknown to work around. The ways of operating and communicating have changed, and gleaning insights into how your business is faring is so valuable. 

Digital Presence For Travel Companies

Here are some of the main reasons why your travel company should be asking for feedback:

  • Feedback will help you to identify areas where you can improve your services. This is important for consistently improving your business.
  • Feedback allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your clients. This will help you personalize your services to their needs and make smarter business decisions that connect with your ideal audience.
  • You will gain a better understanding of your customer satisfaction levels. This will help you to develop and refine your services for happier clients in the future.
  • Asking for feedback shows that you care. It shows that you take your clients’ experience seriously and are aiming to offer the best possible service that you can.
  • Feedback can help to speed up your business growth. It will allow you to instantly understand pain points and weaknesses so that you can start improving and growing your business straight away.
  • Feedback allows you to make more informed decisions instead of relying on guesswork for the best solution forward.

Steps To Create A Travel Feedback Form

Each feedback form you send out needs to be customized to your tour and travel business. The questions you ask should also form part of the bigger picture to improve your offering. 

Here are the steps you need to keep in mind when creating and customizing your feedback forms.

1. Gather General Information

Client Feedback After Travel

First, gather basic information about your client. This data can be added to your CRM as a general record. It should include their name, the tour group they were in, the destination they visited, when their tour took place, and so on. 

This data is vital for categorizing their feedback. It can also be used to assist with future marketing purposes.

2. Understand Your Clients’ Experiences

The entire point of your feedback form is to understand the traveler’s experience. It is the most critical information that your document will gather. So, place the most emphasis on filling out this section, referencing the exact experiences you need feedback on. 

This can include information such as the client’s highs and lows of the trip. What completely changed their lives, and did anything feel a little underwhelming? Did they enjoy the cuisine and feel comfortable in their accommodation? Was the trip as they expected and advertised? Were there enough tour guides, and did they feel safe at every step of their journey? 

Try to cover as many points within the trip experience as you can.

3. Leave Space For Open-Ended Feedback

Aside from directed questions that seek answers around specific aspects of your business or tour, it’s also a great idea to encourage open-ended feedback. Provide a space where clients can pen their thoughts without being guided on what to say. 

Collect Travel Feedback

You could try asking if there was anything they would have changed about the tour. Or what would they have liked to have seen for a better trip or tour? Perhaps you did something great that they would like to mention… 

Getting this type of undirected feedback is necessary for upping your game in the traveler experience.

4. Get A Feel For Sentiment Around Your Travel Company

Don’t just gather feedback about the tour; you also want to know how your clients feel about your company too.

Ask them if they would recommend you to friends or family. You could also inquire whether they found it easy to engage with your team and if they enjoyed interacting with your website and online channels. 

Information here is critical for improving your brand image and ensuring that you live up to your mission and values.

Downloadable Feedback Form Templates

To make it easy for you to gather feedback, we’ve included two customizable and downloadable feedback form templates. Keep these at the ready to help your travel business improve its experiences. 

Downloadable Feedback Form For Travel Businesses

Travel Company Feedback Form Template

This is a drag-and-drop template builder that allows you to customize questions about your company and product to gauge sentiment. Embed the form onto your website and ask multiple-choice or open-ended directives to gain relevant insights for your business. 

123 Form Builder

Tour Participant Feedback Form Template

This is a customizable tour or traveler participant feedback form. Design a quick and easy document to get insights into client satisfaction on your travel offering.

Final Thoughts

Every travel business owner wants to grow their company and improve the customer experience. This is where a feedback form is so useful. The form doesn’t have to be complicated or lengthy to get helpful information from your clients. 

Always let the person know that their insights are valuable, and by providing them, they can help you do better.

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