Reviewing Travel Protection Offerings For Youth Travel – Webinar Recap

November 21, 2020
Lucas Ennis
4 min read

In case you missed WeTravel’s live webinar on the 12th of November, here is a recap.

Lucas Ennis, Head of Growth at WeTravel, was joined by Raymond (Bud) Geissler, National Sales Manager of Travel Insured International, for a 30-minute talk followed by a Q&A.

During the session, Luke and Bud dig into the topic of travel protection offerings for Youth Travel. They discuss what should be important for both your clients and you as a company providing Youth Travel experiences coming out of COVID-19.

Watch the replay below.

About The Companies

WeTravel is a payment and booking solution provider for travel businesses of all sizes, including tour operators, group trip organizers, and travel planners in the group and multi-day space.

Travel Insured International is a travel insurance provider offering domestic and international trip protection products and services direct to both travelers and travel advisors.

Reviewing Travel Protection Offerings For Youth Travel

The travel industry as a whole, and especially Youth Travel, has been turned upside down by Covid-19. But, we are confident that recovery will happen, and when it does, parents/travelers will be asking more questions about the travel protection that your company can offer.

As a tour operator or travel company in the Youth Travel space, you need to know what to do when it comes to protecting your clients as well as your business from an insurance standpoint. What questions do you need to be asking your insurance provider?

After feedback from our previous webinars, it was clear that travel insurance in a post COVID world is a contemporary topic and one that is easy to get lost in. With Bud’s expert input, we uncover important insights that travel companies should be aware of.

Key Discussion Points

On the agenda for this webinar:

Questions to ask your travel insurance provider

What are the covered cancellation reasons listed in the policy? – get clear on the reasons, as these differ from policy to policy

Do you offer an additional cancel for any reason option? – this is a policy upgrade that may or may not be offered by your insurance provider.

What are the important dates associated with this policy purchase? – different policies have dates that enact the triggers, including pre-existing condition waivers, within the policy.

Post Departure Protection and Cancel for any reason

What are the triggers for purchase? – work out what the definitions for these triggers are with your provider.

Ask about benefit limits. – to what degree does the policy protect your clients’ travel investment and you as the tour operator.

How do post departure benefits help you as a tour operator? – this extra coverage can protect you and your clients against last-minute unexpected incidents for better peace of mind.

What are cancel for any reason benefits? – understand the terms and extent of coverage around the Cancel For Any Reason benefit on the policy.

Two main coverage areas for insurance:

Protecting investment in travel – understand your policy, how it protects your business and your role in the process.

Protecting the traveler while traveling – be clear about what your clients are covered for to remove their fear.

Webinar Takeaways

Webinar Takeaways

1. It will be important to get your insurance provider’s full plan document out to your clients.

Travelers don’t like surprises when it comes to insurance. Especially now, when everyone is stepping out again cautiously.

Each person will have different reasons for canceling a trip. They may also wish to purchase different benefits.

You will need to make your group aware of what is covered for cancellation reasons and the additional benefits available to ensure that they understand the terms.

2. Take time to understand the dates associated with your clients’ insurance policies.

Policy trigger dates and pre-existing condition waiver dates are important to note as they affect your clients’ travel protection.

3. Build a relationship with your insurance provider.

Both of you are essentially working for the parents/travelers who are undertaking your trip. Working together to disseminate information and address claims will ensure that everyone in your group has a positive experience.

4. Having the right insurance partner means that you will be ready to move forward.

With the right partner and insurance package to offer your clients, you will be better prepared to move forward with your Youth Travel trips.

5. Share your cancelation and refund policy with your insurance provider.

This way, they can understand your terms and conditions for your travelers and how this impacts your business so that you can work together and provide the best experience.

6. New insurance products are emerging due to COVID.

In response to state regulations, regulations in foreign countries, and the risk involved, providers are developing new insurance products to address required coverage.

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