Travel Tips Round-Up: Second Edition

August 25, 2015
Kayla Bernardino
2 min read

It’s a new week! Guess what that means? More travel tips, collected by yours truly from the wandering minds of fellow travelers such as yourself.

Last week, Maxime of @andacoffee briefly touched on the topic of material possessions. As you travel more, you realize how most things are unnecessary. There are, however, a few things that can really make your life easier and are worth bringing. We decided to ask a few people about their travel must-haves.

Image source: Death to the Stock Photo
Image source: Death to the Stock Photo

Starting us off this time is NieNie from Sacramento, California (@adventureswithnienie). “For me, I always have my essentials, one of them includes my Vapur water bottle. I always get dehydrated when traveling, from the moment I am on the airplane.” Regarding refilling your water supply, you can always ask the locals. NieNie mentions that Italy has an amazing app that marks designated water refill locations (Drink in Italy), so I definitely recommend researching your travel destination beforehand to see if they have something similar.

NieNie adds that she always has to have a battery pack on hand. “I take so many photos, and I want to make sure I have enough juice. Some locations I may only be there for an hour or less, so it’s kind of crucial if I have a train to catch.” For those of you who use your phone a lot for photos, consider keeping it in airplane mode and bring a portable charger!

Image source: Daniel Roe
Image source: Daniel Roe

Other noteworthy apps are Duo Lingo, which NieNie describes as an “awesome app to brush up on some languages and learn the basics,” and Packpoint, used for “setting up a packing list for your vacation.”

Tanaya (@tanayas.table) of chimes in, adding, “My essentials would be an international charging port with both an outlet and USB charging stations and hand sanitizer!” Can’t argue with that! Hand sanitizer or wipes definitely come in hand-y (ha) in sticky situations (two puns in one, what a treat for you all).

Image source: Thomas Martinsen

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Featured Image Source: Jay Mantri