The 10 Types of People You’ll Find on a Yoga Retreat

August 11, 2017
Sonja Bolger
5 min read

Yoga may have started out in India over 5000 years ago, but now it’s spread all over the world! We all know yoga can be really beneficial for our health and well-being, and there are so many different types of yoga that there’s something to suit everyone.

When you think of a yoga retreat you might think you’re going to find a particular type of person there, but just like the different types of yoga, there are all sorts of people who go on yoga retreats. If you’ve booked your dream yoga retreat you might be wondering who you’re going to be spending your time with. Well, we had a think and came up with these 10 types of people that you might meet on a yoga retreat!

Types of People Who Go on a Yoga Retreat

The newbie

This person has been thinking about going on a yoga retreat forever and finally made the commitment. They’re not sure exactly what to expect from their first yoga retreat and spend the first few hours wondering exactly what they’ve got themselves into. But they want to make the most of their retreat so they participate in absolutely everything and give it their all. This might mean they’re already aching by the end of day one! Luckily, yoga isn’t the only thing you can expect to do on a retreat, and so they’ll have plenty of time to recover and take part in all the other awesome optional activities on offer.

Types of People Who Go on a Yoga Retreat

The old hand

By contrast, this type of person is a habitual attendee of yoga retreats, or at the very least has been practicing yoga for years and years. Not necessarily “old”, but very experienced. They’re like a human pretzel, more flexible than you’ve ever been in your life and ever think you could be! You can learn a lot from them, so take note.

Types of People Who Go on a Yoga Retreat

The health nut

This yoga retreat type loves to take a wholesome approach to their retreat time. They might double a yoga retreat with a detox and they’ll always have great advice about healthy eating and improving your well-being. Often seen with a green juice or smoothie in hand.

Types of People Who Go on a Yoga Retreat

The spiritual yogi

They believe practicing mindfulness is always the answer and are full of amazing nuggets of wisdom that they’ll impart at random intervals throughout the retreat. Soak it all in, and get into a deep conversation with them to learn more about how yoga can help you mentally as well as physically, and how you can practice mindfulness away from the yoga mat.

Types of People Who Go on a Yoga Retreat

The party one

This yoga retreat attendee didn’t just come for the yoga and the awesome activities, they want to enjoy their vacation and have a party. They know how to have fun and the first thing they do is find out where the nearest bar is. But yet, they still turn up to yoga every morning to “sweat it out” and seem to be able to handle anything thrown their way.

Types of People Who Go on a Yoga Retreat

The one with the best yoga clothes

Yoga pants covered in the coolest prints, beautiful tops that look better than some of your normal clothes – this yogi has got yoga clothes down pat. Every day she knows up in an outfit that makes you envious, and before the end of the yoga retreat, you just HAVE to ask her where she gets it all from. Now, yoga is definitely not about the clothes you wear, as long as you’re comfortable. But there is something to be said for wearing clothes that make you feel good.

Types of People Who Go on a Yoga Retreat

The stressed one

Maybe they work in a corporate job and need an escape and they haven’t had a real vacation in years, or they’re just going through a stressful patch. Whatever the reason, this yoga retreat attendee is there is de-stress and relax. They get into yoga and meditation as if their life depended on it. But by the end of the week, the benefits of attending a yoga retreat are evident in their relaxed demeanor.

Types of People Who Go on a Yoga Retreat

The best friends

They decided to go on retreat together because they wanted to have a buddy, and at first, they stick together and seem to have a wealth of private jokes that exclude everyone else. But give it a day or two and they’re starting to integrate with the others and enjoy the retreat for their own reasons.

Types of People Who Go on a Yoga Retreat

The digital nomad

A digital nomad is someone who works online and often uses the freedom this gives to move from place to place freely, much like traveling yoga teachers do. They’ve taken traveling and working around the world to a whole new level and can often be found in the ultimate summer destinations. They may already have been on location or decided to travel somewhere specifically for a yoga retreat. Some will use a yoga retreat as an excuse for a digital detox, whereas others will be seen testing out the wifi when they still need to get work done!

Types of People Who Go on a Yoga Retreat

The adventurous one

For this retreat attendee, the yoga is just a bonus. They’re here to have as many adventures as possible and they’ll be the first to try their hand at any new activities. They’ll participate in all the extra activities on offer but they’ll also be searching for other opportunities nearby in their free time. If there’s an amazing hike or a chance to go diving nearby, then they’ll be there!

Types of People Who Go on a Yoga Retreat

Of course, we’re all multifaceted human beings, and so you might even come across people (including yourself!) who fit into more than one category of people who go on yoga retreats. But what do you think, can you see yourself here?

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